April 30-May 1, 2007  |  Newport Beach, CA
Published: April 30, 2007
Improving Brand Site Experience

Senior Analyst for J.D. Power and Associates explains why building a strong web presence is essential for OEM sites to get the most from their marketing initiatives.

While brand sites provide useful lower-funnel shopping metrics, only 60 percent of site visitors are self-reported “in-market” consumers. This presentation will demonstrate the importance of measuring upper funnel advertising for efficient planning; upper-funnel branding opportunities on OEM sites; and improving the lower-funnel online shopping process.

As an increasing proportion of new-vehicle buyers spend time online, it becomes critical to increase their awareness of vehicles through upper-funnel online advertising before they begin actively shopping. Efficient targeting of new-vehicle buyers becomes increasingly important as more advertising money is funneled online. The J.D. Power and Associates’ Online Media Study helps target new-vehicle buyers, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of online media buys.

Until recently, the primary focus of the OEM site has been on moving site visitors to the dealership as part of the shopping process. What has been missing is the brand learning/enhancing experience that many site visitors desire before they begin actively shopping for a vehicle. The OEM site provides the perfect opportunity to address key brand issues, in more depth than can be accomplished through advertising, and to decrease avoidance before the in-market shopping process begins or is rejected during the process.

Min Cho is a senior analyst II, in the digital marketing solutions division of J.D. Power & Associates. Read full bio.


Presenter: Min Cho, Senior Analyst II, Digital Marketing Solutions, J.D. Power & Associates

Format: Zipped Powerpoint