June 26, 2007  |  The Beverly Hills Hotel, California
Published: June 26, 2007
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To open today's event, our Editor in Chief will survey the changing digital landscape, exploring how the entertainment marketing universe has changed in the last year and what further changes the coming months might bring.

When it comes to entertainment marketing, we live in a split-screen world. On one half of the screen, mass audiences are harder to find than D.B. Cooper. Today's biggest TV hits have paltry Nielsen ratings when compared to, say, the original "Bob Newhart Show." Box office sales are finally up this summer, but only for a handful of movies, and everyday Hollywood loses more viewers to video games and online content.

On the other half of the screen, we find a lean-forward, hyper-engaged world of what MIT's Henry Jenkins dubs "participatory culture," where everyday people with broadband, laptops, digital video cameras and a little time on their hands can slice and dice a movie or TV show to fit their own vision (for a classic example of this, search the words "Brokeback to the Future").

Earlier this month, TNS Media Intelligence released its quarterly report for how the U.S. advertising spend has changed in a year-over-year comparison. The news wasn't good for network TV, national TV or newspapers. Meanwhile, internet ad spend soared 16.7 percent (and that's not counting search).

On the other side of the coin, though, the internet still represents a mere 7.7 percent of the total ad spend, while TV, magazines and newspapers count for more than 80.0 percent. The internet accounts for less than one out of every $10 dollars spent on advertising, yet some research suggests that Americans spend almost 40 percent of their media attention online. Does that make anything akin to sense?

Brad Berens is the Editor in Chief and Chief Content Officer for iMedia Communications, Inc. Read full bio.


Presenter: Brad Berens, Chief Content Officer, iMedia Communications, Inc.

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