September 9-12, 2007  |  Loews Coronado Bay Resort, California
Published: September 11, 2007
Breakout session: making NFL football online a reality

Verizon Wireless brings the NFL to mobile users with the help of Questus.

In order to leverage and enhance its position in the broadband market while capitalizing on its brand allegiance with the National Football League (NFL), Verizon introduced the NFLís portal site, linked from its Verizon Central member services portal, which was designed and executed by Questus.

Questus enabled The National Football League and Verizon Communications to deliver live NFL Network sports and entertainment programming via Verizon's consumer broadband services, last December. The service commenced with a live game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.  Verizon had already offers the NFL Network television channel to subscribers of its FiOS TV Service and is the only Internet service provider to deliver selected NFL Network programming over broadband.

In what is clearly a primary example of premium brands on the buy side and sell side working together to bridge multiple platforms and deliver a premium user experience, this cross-media case study could not have been made possible without the creative execution and pure know-how of Questus. During this case study, learn from Joseph Dumont of Questus and Ruth Farley of Verizon what the unexpected challenges were, how they were bridged, and what this could mean for your brand, should you decide to take this kind of major step.

Joseph Dumont, Partner and Managing Director, Questus, Read full bio.
Ruth Farley, Director of Product Development, Verizon, Read full bio.