December 2-5, 2007  |  La Quinta, California
Published: December 04, 2007
From Gutenberg to Google to beyond

In this session, Peter Horan will talk about the forces that have changed the media landscape; forecast where things will go over the next five years, and make actionable suggestions about the best ways to reach and influence consumers.

Media has changed more in the last five years than it did in the 500 years before. Search engines, user-generated content and social networks represent more than interesting new additions to the media landscape. Through them, power and control have shifted to consumers from publishers, ad agencies and marketers. As the world evolves from a one-to-many broadcast model to a many-to-many conversation, the way that marketers reach and influence audiences needs to change as well. Advertisers can no longer "spray and pray." They must harness the power of relevance and resonance to speak to interested consumers in context -- without annoying them!


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Speaker(s): Peter C. Horan

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