February 10-13, 2008  |  Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Florida
Published: February 12, 2008
Natural born clickers

Check out this primary research to identify the demographics and behaviors of heavy clickers. While this podcast highlights clickers as whole, it also features clickers of social media.

The invisible hand is a metaphor coined by the economist Adam Smith to illustrate how those who follow their individual self-interest, inadvertently stimulate the economy and assist society as a whole. There has been an invisible hand (or set of hands more like it) that through self-interest have guided the development of online advertising, stimulated it through their innate curiosity and sometimes impulsive natures. This is the tale of a group of people who have had a profound impact on our lives as media planners and buyers. We've never known who they are or where they come from. We just knew that they were there, invisible, hiding within the numbers that make up our campaign reports. They are out there right now -- doing their thing. THIS is the story of the Natural Born Clicker.

In this Master Class, Starcom and TACODA presented primary research they began back in May to identify the demographics and behaviors of heavy clickers. While they highlighted clickers as whole, they also focused specifically on clickers of social media. The implications of these learnings are profound when we consider how campaigns are often optimized and paid out through the results of clicks and click-based conversions. The conclusion was the fundamental importance of targeting when employing mass reach online media in addressing the influence of the internet's invisible hand.


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Speaker(s): Erin Hunter, Kim McCarthy, Greg Rogers, John Durham

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