May 18-21, 2008  |  Austin, Texas
Want to know the real dirt on how buyers and sellers interact? John Durham rounded up eight industry heavyweights and asked them to take the gloves off. See what happened.

Think you've got all the metrics you need? Think again. Experts explain why the web has only just begun to scratch the surface for reporting.

Wondering how the latest interactive news affects your business? You're not the only one. See what's got marketers buzzing.

What does hip-hop have to do with interactive marketing? Everything. At least that's how Russell Simmons sees it. See why.

Marketers are becoming increasingly cynical about the value of social networks. But many who work in the space say value is defined by what the brand brings to the table -- social networks aren't the mass media buy many thought they were.

Among the so-called casualties of the digital age, none has been more pronounced than newspapers. But reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated, according to some. See why Centro's CEO thinks the web can save the local paper.