December 7-10, 2008  |  La Quinta, California
Measurement and analytics are critical areas agencies need to focus on to keep pace with the digital marketplace and the pulse of online consumers. Here's why.

Datran Media's Scott Knoll discusses the pros and cons of current BT tactics, as well as the impact that looming legislation could have on the sector.

As the ad network market matures, consolidation is inevitable. ICON's Jocelyn Griffing tells us how the market is likely to shake out and where the most value currently lies.

Audiences respond to entertaining brand content. So what's standing in the way of more compelling campaigns? See the results of the iMedia branded entertainment survey.

As the economy hits a dry spell and the digital market waits in limbo, technological innovation is still carrying on. Here are some buzz-worthy gadgets and applications you should know about.

The new agency model is being influenced by the methods used by publishers and ad networks. Here's what those methods are teaching them about optimization, algorithms and how to manage large-scale databases.