September 13-16, 2009  |  Loews Coronado Bay Resort, California
Master Class B: "The Click Remains Irrelevant: 'Natural Born Clickers' Return"

The curse of the internet as “the most measurable medium” is perpetuated by continued industry reliance on “the click” as a relevant measure of display advertising efficacy. The industry simply needs to get off this click crack in order to earn a rightful place in marketers’ budgets and mindsets.

In February 2008, research published by comScore, Starcom, and Tacoda, titled “Natural Born Clickers,” helped to disconfirm the value of the click by demonstrating that only 16% of people were responsible for 80% of all display advertising clicks and that this audience was demographically weak from a marketer’s perspective. This and other industry research has helped prove the necessity of measuring display advertising’s effectiveness beyond the click. Still, many questions loom about how to best quantify the value of display advertising.

In this session you will get a first look at updated results from the "Natural Born Clickers" study, including an analysis of the click vs. non-click consumer as well as a framework for how to best measure the total impact of display advertising, providing a compelling case for the migration of traditional advertising dollars to the online channel.


Presenter: Gian Fulgoni, Chairman and Co-Founder, comScore, Inc.; Kim McCarthy, Manager, Insights & Analytics, Starcom; Mark Naples, Managing Partner, WIT Strategy

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