September 13-16, 2009  |  Loews Coronado Bay Resort, California
Published: September 23, 2009
The art and science of mobile advertising

Mobile drives more purchase intent than online, according to Quattro Wireless. So what are digital marketers waiting for? Here's a cheat sheet on how to get started.

Whether mobile's popularity is finally hitting its stride or not, the stats are irrefutable: Millions of consumers are using cellphones, smartphones, and wireless devices in record numbers. And because of this unprecedented mobile boom, marketers looking to jump on the mobile bandwagon have never before been so empowered with new technologies and platforms to create a sustainable and monetizable mobile presence for their brand.

Enter Quattro Wireless, one of only a handful of mobile advertising solutions at the forefront of the increasingly crowded mobile landscape.

Leading the Quattro Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, Calif., Lynn Tornabene, Quattro's CMO, provided some encouraging insight on mobile web growth, starting with the fact that one in seven minutes of media consumption takes place on a mobile device, and that mobile usage now accounts for one-third of all online activity.

To illustrate what a prime playing field the mobile web is for digital marketers, Tornabene stated that 90 percent of mobile web users use their devices to fill down-time, and that mobile click rates can average 10 times that of online. Some of the highest click-through rates for mobile campaigns have been for CPG, autos, finance, entertainment, and communities.

"Mobile drives more purchase intent than online," Tornabene said. The greatest appeal to the mobile consumer, she added, is that it's a personal medium; it's in your pocket, bringing you closer to the purchase, which explains why the youth and "mommy" demographics are the most responsive to mobile reach.

Steven Rosenblatt, Quattro's SVP of ad sales, explained that mobile options for marketers go far beyond the current popularity of the mobile apps craze, which is so overcrowded right now, he said, it's a marketing challenge to break through the clutter. And while one of the main benefits of advertising on the iPhone for a branded app is the targeting advantage over using other media like print or outdoor, there are many other popular mobile advertising options, including interstitials that incorporate sound and action anywhere, and expandables, which are popular among automotive, travel, and entertainment brands.

The keys, according to Rosenblatt, are to contextually integrate your brand within the right environment and the right destination, and maximize brand personality and presence in a mobile format.

"Mobile can be complicated," Rosenblatt said. "But Quattro has the technology to create an optimized experience."

Rosenblatt provided a mobile success case study from one of Quattro's clients, the Concha Y Toro line of red wine from Chile. The goal for Quattro was to present the brand to mobile users as a fresh, stylish beverage choice, with a mobile web presence that would educate, provide a restaurant locator where Concha Y Toro wines were served, feature a "send to a friend" option, and also successfully implement an age verification system so that only adults could access the brand's information.

The Quattro team completed its presentation by highlighting how digital marketers can get started with mobile:

1) Define mobile objectives

  • Integrate mobile into your overall strategic plan
  • Leverage mobile-specific consumer insights and unique device capabilities

2) Create an impactful media plan with the 4 Rs

  • The right mobile sites and apps for your audience and objectives
  • The right opportunities with custom programs and integrations
  • The right creative, including full-screen experiences with rich media and viral components
  • The right destination with a mobile-optimized landing page for a seamless experience

3) Measure and optimize for success

  • Get the most out of your media spend with award-winning service, including continuous optimization on your goals
  • If launching a branded app, track installs and upgrades. If building a database, track form fills
  • Review real-time metrics on campaign performance in your analytics portal
  • Use your wrap-up report, including transparent reporting on your media buy and campaign best practices, to increase performance across all channels

Gretchen Hyman is executive editor for iMedia Connection.