June 29, 2010  |  Santa Monica, CA
Case Study: Monster Hunter Tri

Learn how the Ayzenberg Groupís strategy created a voice and face for the Monster Hunter franchise in North American and European gaming markets.

In August 2009, Capcom released the latest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise in Japan, Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. This game franchise is wildly popular in Japan, and its new title reaped the benefits of its loyal Japanese fan base. However, in North America and the UK awareness of Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii was considerably lower.

The challenge: Generate awareness and drive purchases for Monster Hunter Tri among Americans and Europeans.

The idea: Connect consumers to Ironbeard McCullough, the gameís real life Monster Hunter. Promoting Monster Hunterís protagonist personalized the game and generated the buzz of a leading game title release. Everyone loves a hero.


Presenter: Keith Pape, VP Social, Mobile & Emerging Media, Ayzenberg Group

Format: PPT