September 12-15, 2010  |  Coronado, CA
Insight Address & Collaborative Session: "Hope Beyond the Hype II: Capturing Hearts and Minds in an Age of Constant Connectivity"

With the mobile Internet now ubiquitous and the digital living room becoming a reality, consumers have real-time access to compelling content from virtually anywhere.

Almost every second of every day, they are bombarded with advertising, social media, and branded content. This access overload has created a more discerning consumer with a shorter attention span. So while brands have more opportunities to reach their target audiences, it is increasingly difficult for these companies to genuinely break through and make a meaningful impact.

In this new installment of Hope Beyond the Hype, Jeff Rosenblum, founding partner of Questus, interviews industry leaders to gain insight into the changing attitudes of consumers and the emerging tools that marketers can leverage to build relationships in an age of constant connectivity. Experts from the marketing and media worlds will address the increasing fragmentation of the media ecosystem and provide actionable advice for cutting through the clutter to capture attention and build loyalty.


Presenter: Jeff Rosenblum, Founding Partner, Questus

Format: PPT