September 12-15, 2010  |  Coronado, CA
Master Class A: "A Userís Manual: How to Make Social Market Research a Real Part of your Business Strategy"

Youíve advocated and convinced your team to invest in your branded social media strategy. Youíve got the community up and running and fully recruited with eager and enthusiastic customers. So what do you do now?

We all know that social media is here to stay and is fast becoming a crucial part of how brands develop and calibrate their online (and offline) presence. However, there is still confusion as to how to convert their community from a ďcool project" to something far more valuable Ė a tool that can serve to inform the overall business strategy and a place where the brand can engage with the customer and get relevant and valuable feedback on everything from marketing to R&D.

Passengerís CEO Steve Howe, along with DirecTVís Director of Product Management and Marketing, David Elgas, will discuss:

  • How social market research is on the rise and making a real difference in how brands connect with consumers
  • Best practices for getting various areas of the business involved in the social research strategy
  • How to market the ROI to the rest of the company for better integration
  • How to turn insights/listening into action


Presenter: Steve Howe, Chief Executive Officer, Passenger, Inc.; David Elgas, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Advanced Products, DirecTV

Format: PPT