September 12-15, 2010  |  Coronado, CA
Insight Address: "Cross-Media Marketing Synergies: Spreading Dollars Across Channels"

With consumers adapting rapidly to a cross-media “way of life,” it is now more important than ever for traditional and digital advertisers to understand the value of leveraging multiple media channels to achieve the greatest impact and strongest ROI.

 In order for this to occur, marketers need to spread their branding budgets across channels to benefit from some of the cost efficiencies that the Internet provides, while capitalizing on the inherent synergies of cross-media advertising.

comScore EVP Erin Hunter, and Doug Chavez, director, digital marketing, Del Monte Foods, will present a brief overview of the current state of the advertising industry, and will highlight advertising across platforms to gain synergy, actively coordinating traditional and digital marketers to capture these incremental gains, and using sound, consistent measurement to evaluate the effectiveness of cross-media campaigns.

Hunter and Chavez will present a detailed analysis of cross-media effectiveness results from a recent campaign. The presentation will include an overview of study objectives, methodology/design and key findings, providing audience members with actionable cross-media insights and a strong argument for considering cross-media strategies.


Presenter: Erin Hunter, Executive Vice President, Media, comScore, Inc.; Doug Chavez, Director, Digital Marketing, Del Monte Foods

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