March 6-9, 2011  |  Lost Pines, Texas
Kleenex, Windex, Xerox, Band-aid...How do you breakthrough when you are entering a market where someone has 70% market share?

With the proliferation of digital and social media changing the way we communicate and an uncertain economy putting a strain on spending, a new reality faces the media and marketing industries.

More and more marketers are recognizing that "campaign-based" mindsets are becoming a thing of the past.

There are new opportunities in communications changed by personal media, mobility, and digitized social interaction.

With a multitude of touch points available across traditional and digital media, how can we as marketers tell our brand stories by connecting the dots across multiple platforms in a social environment?

The why of buy is a trillion-dollar question.

Building on the conference theme of "storytelling" as a brand imperative, this discussion will introduce the Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) as a key framework for engaging consumers in your story.

This session will use a town hall format to explore what brand marketers can learn from the multi-channel mobilization models of the two major political parties as well as from third-party groups spanning every demographic in America to win races that range from small-town sheriff to President of the United States.

Most organizations feel challenged when determining how to mobilize employees in social media on behalf of their brand, but IBM has found a way.

A new type of web media buy is all the rage within the last few months: technology assisted media buys or “data enabled buying.”