March 6-9, 2011  |  Lost Pines, Texas
Moving at the Speed of Culture: Brand as Channel/API

More and more marketers are recognizing that "campaign-based" mindsets are becoming a thing of the past.

In this era of real-time, 24/7 listening, LBS messaging and social monitoring, more and more brand management teams are evolving towards “brand as channel:” that is, Brands being in the content creation, curation, syndication and application business – rather than just thinking from linear campaign to campaign. Two marketers that have embraced this philosophy and have hired heads of "content" are General Electric and American Express. As an industry innovator in developing new ad units and ad formats for new platforms and technologies, Alan Schulman, CCO of U.DIG > The Digital Innovations Group, will reveal how these marketers have transformed their brand teams and messaging approaches from campaign-based mindsets to becoming pervasive content creators/syndicators. He will reveal how they now approach their communications as "brand as API / channel content providers" to their targets on a real-time, 24/7/365 basis. Is this what the future of brand management looks like in the digital age? Schulman believes so, and thinks the subject and cases are worthy of debate and deeper conversation.


Presenter: Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, U.DIG > The Digital Innovations Group

Format: PPT