March 6-9, 2011  |  Lost Pines, Texas
Why Should Brands Care About Data Enabled Buying?

A new type of web media buy is all the rage within the last few months: technology assisted media buys or “data enabled buying.”

It has come out of nowhere to become 10 to 20% of all web buying in 2010. The ability to use data to buy audience – a.k.a. targeted impressions – rather than gross impressions is a huge game changer now and for the future. So what does this mean for brands? •We will buy target audience rather than impressions, with the ability to facilitate messaging to each piece of the audience, serving up dynamic creative to meet their demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral needs. Complex stories could be managed as a simple copy change. •We will own data that is currently owned by sites, and this data cube will grow with each campaign, increasing the effectiveness of targeting downstream. •As we begin to use these technologies to improve our media buys and hone in our messaging, waste inventory can be significantly reduced. If everyone else is doing this and your brand doesn’t, you will be stuck with the “leftovers” of inventory and audiences. In this session, David Smith of Mediasmith and Jocelyn Chambers of Citrix Online will explain this new landscape, how to make these technologies work for you, and share how they have made data enabled buying work for Citrix.


Presenter: David Smith, CEO & Founder, Mediasmith, Inc.

Format: PPT