May 1-4, 2011  |  Amelia Island, Florida
Published: May 11, 2011
How to drive in-store sales by targeting the right moms

How do you target digital advertising to moms based on the neighborhoods they live in and truly drive in-store purchases? Consider these insights and solutions offered by MaxPoint Interactive.

It's no secret that moms are the primary decision makers in most families. And they make a lot of decisions, from the food their families eat to the vacations they take. And while most brands recognize the power of the mom demographic, perhaps not as many recognize the power of the neighborhoods in which moms live.

During a Spotlight presentation at the iMedia iMoms Summit, Chris Kozloski, VP of sales at MaxPoint, illustrated the importance of neighborhoods with a simple story about his own wife, who sat down to research summer camps for their three children. But it wasn't a solo effort, Kozloski said he quickly realized. Rather, while she researched summer camps, she was coordinating across a large network of other neighborhood moms all over the country to ensure the kids ended up at camp with their friends, in the activities that most interested them.

Nearly every neighborhood around the country includes moms. And those moms have kids with varying interests, as well as neighborhood friends who share similar interests and shop at similar stores. So how do you target online messages to these moms in these neighborhoods? And more importantly, drive them to specific retail locations to make purchases?

During his presentation, Kozloski presented solutions offered by MaxPoint Interactive that enable brands to drive in-store sales by honing in on the right moms -- those who live near relevant retail locations.

Traditionally, online advertisers have targeted moms online in several ways, Kozloski noted. They have leveraged:

  • Portals
  • Content sites
  • Networks
  • Extensive use of cookies

But now, he noted, there are new and more effective ways to target this lucrative demographic. These include:

  • Neighborhood targeting
  • Store radius targeting
  • Overlays of point-of-sale (POS) data

The MaxPoint solution combines data-centric neighborhood selection with dynamic media placement to reach targeted audiences and produce measureable results. It analyzes robust offline marketing data to find relevant customers online to drive offline actions. The company's granular Digital Zip technology segments the U.S. into 34,000 distinct neighborhoods that have been defined based on the characteristics of the people who live there. Additionally, Kozloski noted, the company includes targeting based on the interests of the audience as well.

Finally, MaxPoint provides full transparency into each impression that is bought and demonstrates return on investment through moving actual products off store shelves. "It's all about finding the right neighborhoods and leveraging offline data," Kozloski said. "We only buy media when it matters."

Lori Luechtefeld is senior editor of iMedia Connection.