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February 5-8, 2012 | Bonita Springs, Florida

How Yippy delivers better SEO results for less


Search is a crucial element of the digital marketing sphere, affecting everything from social media to offline strategy. Read about how Yippy is revolutionizing the space.

"Yippy does not want to be the next Google," said CEO Rich Granville at iMedia's Brand Summit in Bonita Springs, Fla. "We believe the market is going towards vertical search engines and sub-search engines."

In order to understand what Yippy does, it's important to know how it began -- as a provider of secure education web destination and digital content aggregation. Launched just three years ago, in 2009, it has become the primary default search engine for hundreds of schools and libraries internationally.

In 2010, Yippy attained a university-developed research program called Clusty.com. Included in the buy was an unlimited, transferable, and non-competitive license for Velocity, a federated search engine that was ranked No. 1 in a recent Forrester Report.

"Federated search is an information retrieval technology that allows the simultaneous search of multiple sources of digital content," said Granville.

Competitively, this is huge. Not only does this method aggregate multiple web sources, it enables consumers to access pertinent information that goes unrecognized by the Google algorithm. Further, Yippy offers free access to HighBeam.com, an online database of over 8,500 periodicals.

Creating a vertical search engine puts client's names on top -- a formidable SEO advantage. It also creates a bond between the brand and the consumer through relevant, engaging information.

Granville highlighted the six areas Yippy employs for content aggregation:

  • Social -- an extremely valuable source of brand information
  • E-commerce -- direct linking to the products you sell
  • External content -- everything about your brand on the internet
  • Internal content -- information the consumer doesn't have access to, but you may want them to see
  • Blogs -- there are hundreds of thousands of new blogs popping up daily, on topics that may be related to your brand
  • News -- access to 8,500 periodicals

In just a few days, for thousands less than you're paying Google, Yippy can create a customized search engine for your brand and skyrocket your SEO in one fell swoop. With its resources and abilities, it's no wonder Yippy isn't interested in becoming the next Google. 

Lucia Davis is associate editor at iMediaConnection.

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