Spring '12 Video

March 25-28, 2012 | San Antonio, Texas

Summit Articles

The future of technology and marketing

The future of computing is all about experiences -- we can expect our technologies to become increasingly informative, ubiquitous, personalized, and social. Here's what this means for marketers.

A marketer's guide to mobile video advertising

As media consumption continues to shift toward mobile, marketers need to stay ahead of the curve. Here are five basic rules to ensure an advanced mobile video advertising campaign.

The future of video buying

There are many differing ideas as to how video content can be optimized. Consider the opinions of these senior TV and video buyers from top companies like YouTube and Starcom.

How to prepare your mobile video ads for HTML5

Web video publishers are beginning to look for ways to monetize videos being played outside Flash. Read about what the HTML5 experience is like for consumers.

Downloadable Presentations

The Era of Untethered TV

Long-gone are the days when all TV viewing was driven by families watching their favorite shows in the living room on a single stationary TV. Today's video content - whether full-episodes or short-form - is increasingly being watched on a multitude of screens that allow consumption to happen anywhere in the home or outside of it.

Disney's Video Everywhere Strategy

Mark L. Walker reveals Disney's multi-platform video strategy, rooted in rich storytelling, smart distribution, and above all, a deep understanding of the audience.

A New Era of Television: Technology's Impact on the $70 Billion Gorilla

Tactics that have proven invaluable in the digital world are now actively part of television in 2012. What are these applications? What is the scale? How will they get executed? Who will lead that charge?

Online Video Strategy: Paid vs. Owned

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all views are not created equally. Evolved research of this medium will show that various video placements have radically different costs, engagement and impact.

Samsung Galaxy's Mobile Entertainment Strategy

By partnering with FreddieW, one of "The Most Powerful YouTube Stars in the World" (Business Insider), Samsung stormed the viral video chart in September 2011, debuting at Number 1 and driving over 9.6 million video views for its new Galaxy S II smart phone. The program, created in partnership with Digitas and Collective Digital Studio, illustrates the power of matching like-minded creative forces and giving them the freedom to translate a brand message organically and authentically to an engaged audience base.

How Do You Create Long-Term Content Strategies for Brands?

In this session, GE's Katrina Craigwell shares how this iconic brand works with unique media companies like VICE Media to create their content strategies.

Producing Magic Content/Storytelling

In this session we will focus in on successful examples and varied techniques, and update you from the front lines of the business reality of selling not only shows but the business models that surround them.

Verizon Wireless 4G Spotlight Video Case Study

The traditional broadcast model of "build it once, run it 1000 times" doesn't work online. With over 70 billion media impressions served up for Verizon for any given campaign, message burnout is a real issue.

Demystifying Video Production (It's Not Going to Bite You!)

A comprehensive discussion from early stage development to finished content for distribution on the web and/or mobile devices.

E3 Nuts to Bolts

Walk through preparing for the video game industry giant E3 Video Game Conference. From pre-planning and coordination of the show to gathering and creating materials, executing on-site and distributing to over 2M viewers worldwide.

Content Creation and Online Video Demand

Dell eCommerce Global Director Diane Bunton will walk us through Dell's unique challenge and even more unique solution. She will be joined by Neil Perry, President of Poptent, a crowdsourced video solutions company.

Production & The Digital Video Landscape

Today, video production is an industry movement unto itself. AJ Vernet will review the state of this movement and its transformation of the overall digital video landscape.

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