Summer '12 Entertainment

June 26, 2012 | Hollywood, California

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New Social TV Platforms

A return to the family room.

The Ever-Changing Entertainment Audience

In today's insight address, Brad Berens takes us on a high-speed tour of the frenetic modern entertainment audience yesterday, today and tomorrow, and argues that marketers are paying attention to the wrong things in today's cluttered landscape.

Setting the Stage

Opening remarks from our Summit Co-Hosts, Bettina Sherick and Kevin Doohan.

What Mark Wahlberg Can Teach Us About Consumers & Marketing Strategy

This session will include visionary level dialog infused with prescriptive recommendations from individuals who have been covering the space and responsible for billions of dollars in media and entertainment spend.

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Blog Posts

The top movie marketing from a studio executive

Peter Stougaard's list of successful blockbuster campaigns runs longer than many movie collections.

Fireside chat with Sony's movie marketing experts

This morning, veteran entertainment marketer Gordon Paddison, CEO of Stradella Road, interviewed Elias Plishner and Jake Zim for the Keynote Fireside Chat at iMedia's Entertainment Marketing Summit in Hollywood, CA.

Sony's secrets from the heart of Hollywood

I'm writing from the back of an conference room in the crux of Hollywood at the iMedia Entertainment Summit (check out #imediasummit to see what's happening as it's happening).

How technology is changing entertainment

If you're in the entertainment industry, then you're probably obsessed with the newest technologies and communication platforms. If not, then you'd better start, lest you get left behind.