Fall '12 Brand

September 9-12, 2012 | Coronado, California

Summit Articles

How Sears took digital by the horns -- and won

If you think you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you're wrong. Find out how this century old company turned traditional ideas into successful digital marketing initiatives.

4 steps to avoid brand decay

Updating your brand doesn't have to be a daunting process. Here are the steps to make sure your brand is fresh, focused, and poised for the future.

How data-driven marketing resurrected Samsung Mobile

What happens when a marketing department starts using analytics to inform its creative? Take a lesson from this impressive turnaround story.

A manual for the brand-agency-vendor relationship

The constant shifts in relationships among brands, agencies, and media vendors can lead to confusion. But for those paying close attention in this evolving landscape, opportunity abounds. Here's why.

Downloadable Presentations

Everybody Loves Images

Curalate is the world's first monitoring, analytics, and brand intelligence platform focused on social curation.

HP and Tiesto in the Booth

Hear a presentation on Intel and HP's groundbreaking music video campaign Tiësto's In the Booth (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11tN3s8k9lI). Intel and HP sponsored 10 YouTube episodes that delivered a behind-the-scenes look at the world tour of electronic music superstar Tiësto.

An Iconic Brand Builds Loyalty with a New Generation of Baseball Players

Hear from Louisville Slugger's Kyle Schlegel and MEplusYOU CMO Ian Wolfman about how the brand's World Series Bat Drop promotion engaged fans through experiential marketing, ultimately creating a platform that united baseball fans around the country.

Turning Stock Ownership into Brand Ownership

LOYAL3 offers a technology platform that enables consumers to buy stock in the brands they love as easily as they buy products, directly from the company's website and Facebook page. And when brands turn consumers into owners, great things happen.

Petco's Caturday Video Series

Petco partnered with Hill's Pet Nutrition to launch a campaign to raise awareness for both the Pet Specialty Brand and Retailer.

The Sears and Kmart Digital Makeovers: Creating Loyalty Online

Neither Sears nor Kmart (both retailers owned by Sears Holdings company) initially jump to mind when you think of high-tech brands. However, both of these iconic American retailers are successfully using digital initiatives to reach existing and potential customers and create brand loyalty.

Everybody Loves Social

In this case study session, you will hear from John Capano of SocialVibe and Patty Everett of Turner Media Group as they discuss the tactics and technology they use to leverage brand engagement, build relationships with valued consumers, and drive industry-leading results.

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Blog Posts

"Caturday" is a case study in brand collaboration

No, that isn't a typo in the title -- "Caturday" is the strange and wonderful series that came out of the collaborative efforts of Petco and Hill's Pet Nutrition...

Pics and insights from the Coronado Summit: Day 2

To all those who think digital is too new to benchmark and set standards, insiders say the tide is turning. The industry is maturing enough that real attribution models are starting to take shape...

A case study in stellar digital content marketing

Long-form branded video content isn't the easiest nut to crack. Asking for even 30 seconds of a person's time online is asking -- well -- quite a lot. But five minutes? Ten minutes? Good luck.

Dramatic images from the iMedia Brand Summit

The first evening of the 2012 iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, Calif. was warm and slightly overcast. Take a look at the sunsets, the poolside view, and much more...

Pics from the Coronado Brand Summit

How do you keep up with the industry's tech and trends? By connecting with digital's best and brightest at the iMedia Brand Summit. Here's a look at the summit's opening party...