Fall'12 Breakthrough

October 14-17, 2012 | Austin, Texas

Summit Articles

Google's playbook for investing in mobile marketing

How should your brand be thinking about mobile? Google's manager of global mobile solutions reveals the most unique ways marketers are achieving success.

6 ways brands can achieve mobile ROI

Mobile adoption is happening at record speed, yet mobile revenue has a long way to go to catch up. Here are the key factors to consider when building your campaign.

How mobile is shaping the future of marketing innovation

The relationship between users and their connected devices is stronger than ever. Consider these reasons to start spending more of your time and budget on mobile.

5 barriers to mobile ad success

Big obstacles are cutting off the path to effective mobile campaigns. Read on for a quick-fix guide to these vexing problems.

Downloadable Presentations

Next Wave Shopping & Commerce Winner: Pogoseat

Evan Owens, Co-Founder & CEO, Pogoseat

Next Wave Shopping & Commerce: Rumgr

Dylan Bathurst, CEO, Rumgr Inc.

Next Wave Shopping & Commerce: good2gether

Greg McHale, CEO, good2gether

Next Wave Shopping & Commerce: Point Inside

Todd Sherman, CMO, Point Inside

Next Wave Mobile Entertainment Winner: SeeMail

Ward Chandler, Founder/CEO, SeeMail

Next Wave Mobile Entertainment: iMediaShare

Metodi Filipov, Managing Director, iMediaShare

Next Wave Mobile Entertainment: Mimiboard

Johan Nel, CEO, Mimiboard

Next Wave Mobile Campaign Management & Analysis Winner: Placed

David Shim, Founder, Placed, Inc.

Next Wave Mobile Campaign Management & Analysis: ThinkNear

Eli Portnoy, CEO, ThinkNear

Next Wave Mobile Campaign Management & Analysis: Appsnack

Sandy Shanman, GM, Appsnack

Next Wave Mobile Campaign Management & Analysis: Media Armor

Elizabeth Zalman, Co-Founder & CEO, Media Armor

Opening Trend Report: "Mobile: A Consumer Rethink. Not a Technology Rethink."

To kick off iMedia's Breakthrough Summit: Keeping Pace with the Mobile Consumer, Hadl shared his theories of where and why he made his bets as a marketer and as an investor.

The Mobile Playbook: 5 Creative Ways to Win in Mobile

In this dynamic and inspiring opening keynote, Google's Brendon Kraham tackles how mobile is opening up new customer journeys and discuss some of the latest mobile technologies, and creative ways that marketers are making mobile work for their business.

Shaping the Future of Marketing Innovation

The future of marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. Mobile is playing an increasingly significant role, "Big Data" is now part of virtually every conversation and the integration of new and innovative marketing channels with traditional programs has never been more challenging.

Master Track A: "The Store is Changing: How Emerging Technologies Are Redefining the Shopping Experience"

This session includes case studies and demos showcasing how emerging technologies such as AR, NFC, RFID, machine vision and more are creating the shopping experience of the future, and proven ways an app can influence the consumer at the point of decision.

Master Track B: "The Connected Consumer: From Mobile to Mobility"

This session explores our connected world, and what it means to brands both now and in the future.

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Mobile: Understand your consumers or throw money away

The key to mobile is understanding the new connected consumer. During her keynote, Stephanie Bauer Marshall treated summit attendees to a glimpse into Verizon's mobile strategy and offered three important steps.

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Google's view on mobile

Brendan Kraham from Google's mobile sales and product strategy team shared some of the exciting new initiatives being explored at Google and some strategic considerations we should be thinking about when it comes to executing in the mobile space.