Fall '12 Agency

December 2-5, 2012 | Scottsdale, AZ

How to future-proof your agency


In an increasingly complex media environment, some agency teams are struggling to provide all the services necessary to propel clients forward. Centro provides insights on how to stay focused.

This year's iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz., was themed around partnerships, and Centro's Spotlight presentation entitled "The Future-Proofed Agency Model" outlined a new vision on how agencies can streamline their digital campaign execution and stay focused on providing strategic value.

Scott Neslund, Centro's EVP of media services, outlined a service offering based around customizable managed services and cloud software options designed to provide agencies with the people and systems necessary to reduce the time and cost of managing digital campaigns.

In Centro's view, a variety of forces are placing great strain on agency media teams, including the growing complexity of the digital media environment, imbalanced contract scopes versus fees, operational inefficiencies, and declining margins. Add to those challenges the constant pressure on employees and the ever-present demand for strategic expertise, and it's easy to see why some agencies struggle to provide both the counsel and executional services that can propel their clients forward.

Centro, twice named the "Best Company to Work for in Chicago," delivers its agency clients benefits in three critical areas:

  • Managed services that enable agencies to improve their digital media operations efficiency
  • A cloud-based application that automates the entire digital media services lifecycle
  • A unique media performance database that documents pricing plus publisher and placement efficacy for more than 13,000 sites.

Agencies engage with Centro in a number of ways. Centro's flexible approach allows it to undertake the particular tasks with which agencies need assistance. From end-to-end execution management to a specific menu of individual services, the company tailors its offerings to the particular needs of each agency partner.

As evidence of its value, Centro shared the stage with Robin Casmirri, VP and director of media services at The Integer Group. Casmirri outlined Integer's experience working with Centro on a massive campaign for a luxury brand. The agency's challenge was to build awareness in an environment with limited sales information and budget.

Working with Centro allowed the agency to successfully deliver the effort while keeping its internal team focused on providing strategic and analytic value. Because the campaign encompassed an incredibly broad array of display, video, sponsorships, and creative executions, Integer leveraged Centro for manpower and workflow processes necessary to execute the effort. While the Integer team provided the critical oversight that is its fiduciary responsibility as an agency, it was able to quickly scale to deliver the full potential value of the campaign in record time.

Working with Centro enabled Integer to deliver the entire campaign with one invoice, deep performance data, and full campaign delivery -- on time and on budget.

Agencies often struggle with issues of scale. Centro's solution provides the people power and technology necessary to meet and exceed brand expectations in a manner that strengthens client relationships.

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