Spring '13 Brand

February 3-6, 2013 | Amelia Island, Florida

Summit Articles

The strategy that made Macy's a success

Marketing trends come and go, but the actions that foster brand loyalty stay the same. Here's how one brand has cultivated customer devotion for 155 years.

Understanding the new "moments of truth"

Bob Thacker, former CMO of OfficeMax, Target, and Sears, provides unique insights into reaching consumers at the right time with the right message.

General Mills' "hacker" approach to marketing

Social media moves fast, and smart marketers know how to experiment and adapt quickly. Here's how one company stays ahead of the curve by embracing change.

3 steps to filtering big data

Marketers swimming in a deluge of data need to separate valuable insights from useless information. Here's how to identify exactly what you need to best inform your campaigns.

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Bob gave voice to the strategy, "Don't Make Ads, Make News!", a directive that generated highly successful, highly efficient marketing campaigns.

Keynote: Macy's: 150+ Years of Customer Centricity

Companies do not make it to be 150+ years old unless they truly have customer centricity as an essential aspect of their DNA.

Case Study: Making the Moment of Truth Matter via Social Archetyping - The Jack Daniel's Social Story

What is the brand going to say in that moment of truth of interaction with people? How does a brand be truly meaningful, interesting and fun?

Keynote: Brands, Content and the Moment of Truth: The Agile Approach to Unlock Brand Growth

While many marketers struggle to incorporate the rapidly-growing set of social media options into their marketing mix, smart marketers experiment fast to jump start brand growth.

Insight Presentation: CES Rundown: The Technologies Driving Consumer Behaviors

At CES though, it's all about technological devices bringing people together.

Case Study: Spend Smart: How LasikPlus's Focus on Attribution Optimizes its Digital Media Mix

It takes more than a "gut feeling" to justify spending across search and display advertising.

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Blog Posts

What will be the next transformational technology?

We're currently in a period of incremental change. Although advancements in social platforms, programmatic buying, and mobile interactivity have all changed our jobs, they haven't been cultural game changers. So what will be the next great shift?

Exclusive video: CES innovations that will blow your mind

In this video, the vice president of emerging media at 360i explores the floor at CES to uncover the latest technologies that will shape the digital marketing landscape.

Photos from the iMedia Brand Summit Super Bowl Party

What do you get when you cross the iMedia Brand Summit and Super Bowl XLVII? A wild and exciting Super Bowl party.

11 questions brand marketers ask their peers

For anyone who's ever wanted to listen in on brand marketers conversing with their peers, here's a sneak peek. These are the best questions I'm hearing at the iMedia Brand Summit.

Pics from the iMedia Brand Summit Super Bowl party

Marketers watched the 49ers and the Ravens duke it out on two massive screens in the posh Ritz Carlton ballroom. Here are pics of the party that kicked off the summit.