Spring '13 Brand

February 3-6, 2013 | Amelia Island, Florida

Keynote: Macy's: 150+ Years of Customer Centricity


Companies do not make it to be 150+ years old unless they truly have customer centricity as an essential aspect of their DNA. Focus on the customer has always been a priority for Macy's, as evidenced by its well-documented initiative called My Macy's.

In addition to gathering valuable insights from its field organization, Macy's leverages its customer database as a critical strategic asset, not only to inform an overarching customer strategy, but also to enhance omni-channel decision-making not only in marketing and loyalty, but in merchandising, product development and service. For Macy's, it's not about buzz words like "big data" as much as it is about drawing meaningful customer insights, acting upon them quickly and measuring the results on a by-customer basis in stores, online and everywhere the customer happens to be.