Spring '13 AGency

May 5-8, 2013 | Austin, Texas

Summit Articles

How to unite data and creativity

Many believe the digital marketing landscape is splitting. But in reality, data and creativity can work together for amazing results. Here's how.

Q&A with Tim Suther

Acxiom's chief marketing and strategy officer discusses the increased importance of data for today's marketers and the new innovations that are driving the future.

How emotions can unlock the power of big data

You'll never tap into data's true power if you don't understand human behavior. Learn what actually influences consumer decisions and what it means for marketing's future.

Q&A with Alastair Green

Team One's executive creative director discusses the effect of big data on creativity and what marketers need to consider when using large data sets.

Downloadable Presentations

How Southeast Toyota Dealers Mastered Local at Scale on Facebook

All retail brands struggle with how to leverage the complex and ever-changing social platforms for local retailers.

Empowering Your Employees To Become Data Scientists Pays Off in a Big Way

Dell has been able to show the financial value of social media by empowering its employees with the right tools to analyze their business and make data-driven decisions.

Understanding Why Creatives Ignore the Data Staring Them in the Face - & How to Help Them Embrace it

The funny thing about all the consumer data collected by brands is that it's of no use if it isn't used in the formation of advertising campaign strategies -- and the cold, hard data point of the matter is that it's not.

Big Data, Big Impact: Redefining Engagement with Audiences

With over 203 million Americans consuming media on multiple screens, the demand for strategies that find audiences whenever and wherever they are, with the right creative, is critical for brands.

Applying Human Context to Data

The rise of big data now allows hundreds of data points to be mined and aggregated in an attempt to better understand predictable behaviors.

Real People, The Right People, Connected People: How Big Data Drives Better Marketing in a Connected World

Facebook's mission is to make the world more open and connected.

Cracking the Code of Human Behavior

What's deeper than a consumer's shopping and buying behaviors online?

Mad Men, Math Men & Oreos: Spanning the Experience & Values Gap in Our Industry

Five years ago, right here at Lost Pines, iMedia Senior Analyst and Upstream Group CEO Doug Weaver offered up "The Oreo Doctrine," a groundbreaking presentation which predicted the very split which this week's Summit will examine.

Poets & Quants: Getting the Band Back Together

In a distant past, creativity and data lived and worked side-by-side and made beautiful music together.

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