Fall '13 Entertainment

September 17, 2013 | Los Angeles, California

Summit Articles

How social campaigns drive viewers to the movies

How can fans drive the course of entertainment campaigns? In this Q&A, Gordon Paddison, CEO of Stradella Road, gives us the scoop on the most important aspects of social.

3 reasons entertainment is at a crossroads

New technologies have created a ripple effect across the entire marketing space. Here are the key ways the entertainment industry is shifting.

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Welcome by Summit Host

iMedia 2013 September Entertainment Summit Host welcomes attendees.

Measurement Panel: "GRPs, KPIs, Oh My!"

Too often research findings leave executives saying, "So what?"

Visionary Marketer Award Presentation

Launched in 2005, the Visionary Marketer Award recognizes an executive who has powerfully and effectively expanded campaigns from the traditional to include interactive and immersive strategies that serve movies or TV while also advancing the role of interactive within all marketing.

Case Study: "Audience Development & the New Storytelling"

Leveraging new technologies, emerging social behaviors, parallel storytelling, and a combination of old and new media channels, "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" has broken new ground with unprecedented audience involvement.

Discussion: "Finding Innovation in New Places"

This case study explores how innovation is central to the future of entertainment marketing.

Case Study: "How Leading TV Networks are Using Smart TVs to Further Engage Viewers"

In this session you will learn about the innovations using Smart TVs to enhance engagement with viewers and enable timely program promotion measurement and related insights.

Case Study: "Content Marketing for the Second Screen & Social"

The importance of using social media platforms to drive engagement will continue growing as viewers increasingly demand multi-platform content experiences.

Case Study: "Whirlwind of Buzz: How We Took #TornadoWeek Viral"

Vert and The Weather Channel partnered up in the spring of 2013 with the goal of creating buzz around the upcoming "Tornado Week" programming schedule.

Case Study: "The Art of Sharing - Social Content & Marketing in Entertainment & Media"

Social media has made it even easier for fans to access their favorite entertainment programs before, during, and even after a TV show or movie launches.

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Blog Posts

Netflix's formula for marketing success

During the closing power keynote at the iMedia Entertainment Summit in Hollywood, Calif., Netflix's CMO discussed the company's marketing tactics and described the power of paring marketing data with creativity to produce some amazing results.

Case Study: How "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" creator has changed the face of storytelling

Bernie Su, the man behind the innovative web series "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries," thinks of himself as, simply, a storyteller. (He might be a bit modest.)

Predicting box-office results: Who cares?

In June, Google claimed that it can predict the movie's opening weekend. At the iMedia Entertainment Summit, Cheryl Idell, EVP of client solutions at Nielsen, asked: "Who cares?"

Case study: Finding innovation in new places

Hollywood is no longer the go-to place for movie or TV show production. At the iMedia Entertainment Summit, we heard from two innovative individuals who are solidifying Oregon's place in the future of entertainment, storytelling, and technology.

A candid conversation with 3 top studio execs

An all-star lineup of studio executives addressed important questions and talked openly about the day-to-day marketing operations at their companies.

Fireside chat with a former Fox executive about the new golden age of television

To kick off iMedia's Entertainment Summit, tech catalyst Lori H. Schwartz interviewed former Fox executive Lucy Hood. The chat covered not only where Hood sees the state of television heading, but also the part she played in where it is today.