Fall '13 Agency

December 8-11, 2013 | Scottsdale, AZ

Summit Articles

What your agency must do to remain relevant

Agencies that fail to adapt will fail to survive. To maintain relevance in the future, consider this guide to meeting the needs of clients and consumers in tomorrow's complicated world.

How Kellogg Company is tackling data and measurement

From implementing new technologies to bridging the gap between online and offline, marketers face digital challenges daily. In this Q&A, Aaron Fetters of Kellogg Company shares his insights on brand strategy.

How Unilever reshaped marketing for the digital age

With more than 400 brands, Unilever knows how to translate traditional advertising into modern marketing. Here's a look at the strategy that enables the company's award-winning work.

Is "mani-pedi" selling dead?

Historically, reps have used perks to butter up buyers -- but not anymore. Here's why seller tactics like the free mani-pedi are dying out.

Downloadable Presentations

Opening Remarks by Summit Host

Sarah Fay welcomes iMedia December Agency attendees to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Media Re-Defined: TV

What are the realities of TV and digital video advertising today?

From Big Data to Smart Data

"Data is the new black." We say it and even believe it.

Is Mani Pedi Selling Dead?

In an agency world laser-focused on driving better client results, are we witnessing the end of schwag and relationship selling?

Marketer's Panel: Connecting with the Always-On Consumer

Helping sum up the three-day iMedia Agency Summit, this panel and town hall session with marketers will shine a light on the challenges clients face every day in keeping up with the ever-changing consumer.

Keynote: Media Re-Framed

There are dramatic changes taking place in the media and consumer landscape.

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Blog Posts

The blurred lines among agencies, brands, and media companies

As the industry continues to shift, the relationship among agencies, brands, and media companies is drastically changing. Here's a look at the new workflow structures that are emerging.

Stay tuned for the iMedia Agency Award winners!

It's been a long road -- from community nominations and advisory board input this past fall to open industry voting on iMedia Connection this past month. But it's finally (almost!) time to unveil this year's 2013 iMedia Agency Award winners!

Re-defining TV and video

What are the realities of TV and digital video advertising today? Simulmedia's Dave Morgan gave summit attendees a look at the current state of affairs and a glimpse into the future.

Moving from big data to smart data

Big data is transforming the media landscape. But is bigger always better? Pandora's Heidi Browning revealed the secret to leveraging data in meaningful ways.