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How Kellogg Company is tackling data and measurement


From implementing new technologies to bridging the gap between online and offline, marketers face digital challenges daily. In this Q&A, Aaron Fetters of Kellogg Company shares his insights on brand strategy.

From implementing new technologies to bridging the gap between online and offline, marketers face digital challenges daily. In this Q&A, Aaron Fetters, director insights and analytics solutions center, Kellogg Company, shares his insights on brand strategy.

Q: You're participating on a panel at 2013 December Agency Summit that will cover how digital is bridging the gap between different media disciplines. To that end, let's give our audience a sneak peek into some of the insights you'll be sharing.

From a brand perspective, what new technologies are you most looking forward to in 2014?

A: I'm not sure if it is as much about "new" technologies as it will be about implementing and extracting value from technologies that have been emerging in recent years. From my perspective, I look forward to stepping even further into "data driven marketing" and that implies application of data management platforms and new first- and third-party data sources. I also look forward to the continued expansion of "addressable media" (i.e., more addressable television and more).

Q: How does Kellogg tackle data?

A: We view data as a key differentiator in our ability to execute world-class marketing. We are investing in capabilities to combine various data sets in a privacy-ensured manner to help drive improved targeting and segmentation for our campaigns. The idea is to drive micro-targeting at scale. We also tackle large amounts of performance data to help us triangulate and draw conclusions as to the effectiveness of our various marketing investments.

Q: As far as measurement is concerned, is there anything you're doing now that you didn't do a year or two ago?

A: Absolutely, probably the best example of this is our tracking and activation of viewability data across online display and video ad placements. We have learned a tremendous amount about various vendors' true ability to measure viewability in the online space, as well as the incredible impact that improvements in viewability can have on our marketing performance.

Q: What is Kellogg doing to bridge the gap between online and offline?

A: As I mentioned earlier, we are really investing in data management platforms/capabilities. This technology and approach will allow us to combine data sources from both offline and online sources in a way that better informs both traditional as well as emerging marketing touchpoints. We have a tremendous asset in our CRM/loyalty community and are utilizing the data from that asset to create better experiences for our consumers across the many ways Kellogg interacts with them every day, from our loyalty rewards to our online advertisements to even our television spots.

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