Spring '14 Brand

February 9-12, 2014 | Amelia Island, Florida

Summit Articles

8 reasons mobile ad spending is eclipsing desktop

If you've been shrugging off the significance of mobile, it's time to pay attention. Here's the research to prove brands must funnel money into this essential channel.

How PepsiCo meets the needs of today's consumer

As trends, purchasing behaviors, and interactions with brands evolve, companies must constantly adapt. In this Q&A, Becky Frankiewicz explains how PepsiCo is leading innovation.

How facial coding unlocks consumer intentions

Marketers are constantly seeking opportunities to examine consumers' true reactions. Here's a selection of excerpts from "On-Emotion: Salvaging Market Research."

Why emotion is the true driver of consumer behavior

Your customers can't help but reveal their true feelings through subtle facial cues. Here's how to go deeper than online data and social media chatter.

Digital disruption: A small step for consumers, a giant leap for brands

Consumers have been living in a digital world for quite a while now. Here's why it is imperative that brands make big strides to catch up to their customers.

Downloadable Presentations

Host Introduction: "State of the Industry: Follow the Money"

Marketers will spend nearly $180 billion on media this year, and about $48 billion of that will be allocated toward digital channels.

Case Study: "Seeding Millennials Future Money & Health Product Purchase"

In this research, Dstillery and MassMutual will issue new insights into the patterns of consumers' cross-device usage, including how consumers engage within the financial and health product industries, and combine physical and digitally defined segmentation that can be employed to connect with potential customers.

"Can't Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results"

Today's brands face an apparent choice between two evils: continuing to slash their increasingly ineffective advertising, or putting blind faith in the supposedly mystical power of social media, where "likes" stand in for transactions and a mass audience is maddeningly elusive.

LoJack Case Study: "Brand Repositioning as a Catalyst for Organizational Change"

Mike Sullivan, SVP of marketing at LoJack, and Ian Fitzpatrick, chief strategy officer at Almighty, will share the story of how their teams used an organizational rebranding effort to rework not only how the LoJack brand looks and talks, but also how it acts.

Keynote: "Cracking the Code of Human Behavior"

What's deeper than a consumer's shopping and buying behaviors online? Deeper than social media "chatter"? Deeper than what semiotics software (sentiment analysis) can hope to pick up?

Case Study: "Creating the Rockettes Strategic Narrative"

The Rockettes case study will share insights around this iconic brand, from developing a relevant brand voice to successfully connecting with a new generation of young dance fans every day.

CES 2014 - How Will You Be Impacted?

It is undeniable. Technology is now impacting lifestyles, storytelling, and of course brands and their businesses.

Closing Keynote: "Digital Disruption: Keeping Up With A Disrupted Consumer"

Consumers have embraced digitally disrupted lifestyle, bringing digital tools, services, and platforms into their lives at unprecedented speed.

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Blog Posts

How the connected generation is changing marketing

Keeping up with the connected consumer becomes more challenging for brands every day. Becky Frankiewicz explained why marketers should be rethinking the consumer, the store, and how to create engaging experiences.

The immense cultural shift brands must confront

Culture, currency, human behavior, and marketing are all being rewritten from the ground up, and only experimentation and innovation can keep brands afloat. Leonard Brody of GrowLab charted a path for marketers through this intimidating landscape.

Stay tuned for the iMedia 25 panel of brand innovators!

The iMedia Brand Summit is off to a great start, and the momentum is only going to continue with Tuesday's iMedia 25 panel of marketing leaders and innovators.

Creating a strategic narrative for the Rockettes

How do you develop a relevant brand voice to successfully connect with a new generation of young fans? Check out the insights from this iconic dance brand.

5 mind-blowing CES innovations for marketers

New technologies often mean big changes for brand marketers. Lori Schwartz gave summit attendees an in-depth look at the innovations from this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

6 (fixable) reasons Google Glass will flop with consumers

Google Glass is an exciting new device, but several problems need to be addressed before it goes to market. Here's why everyday consumers aren't thrilled about the current version of Glass.

3 hot buzzwords from the iMedia Brand Summit

The iMedia Brand Summit is a gathering of some of the brightest, savviest, and most innovative marketers in the world. So it's no surprise that several hot buzzwords have emerged. Here are the brand new terms you should know.

11 surprising tips for hiring in digital

Even high-level brands have difficulty finding and keeping talent. Here's some useful advice from senior marketers on hiring and retaining great team members.