Spring '14 Video

March 2-5, 2014 | Huntington Beach, California

Summit Articles

The keys to developing a strong content strategy

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, how can marketers create the most effective content to solve their business objectives? Here's why going back to the basics is a good place to start.

Lessons in content marketing from the travel industry

The first secret to great content is that it must evoke emotion. Here's what marketers can learn from the travel industry's approach to content.

Why branded content is all about consumers

Branded content presents an opportunity for companies to speak the language of consumers. In this Q&A, Chris Cox explains how a thoughtful approach to content can help brands meet their goals.

Capitalizing on the new TV landscape

TV advertising is in a state of perpetual change. So how can brands identify what's best suited to their objectives? Here are three strategies for success.

How Coca-Cola tells engaging stories via social

Social media gives brands the opportunity to speak to vast audiences in real time. In this Q&A, Brynn Bardacke describes how Coca-Cola uses social to spread its brand stories far and wide.

How to make the most of the golden age of marketing research

We have access to more data than ever. But how do we make the leap to insights? In this Q&A, Dr. Duane Varan, CEO of MediaScience, shares how quality R&D fits into the latest marketing trends.

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Summit Host Welcome Notes

Katharine Panessidi as Content Summit Host gives a few opening remarks.

Opening Keynote: "The Keys to Developing a Fundamentally-Strong Content Strategy"

As consumer viewing habits continue to evolve at a lightning-fast pace and the lines between the traditional media industry and the digital media world blur even further, what are the questions marketers should be asking themselves as they develop content strategies to help solve their business objectives?

Case Study: "How GE & Fullscreen Cemented Brand Success in Online Video"

The lines between entertainment and advertising continue to blur as more brands turn to content creation to break through.

An Unbiased Approach: "How to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns in Driving Offline Success"

As technology evolves, social platforms surge, and data becomes increasingly easy to track and access, marketers will be tasked - more than they already are - with accurately measuring the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns in driving offline sales.

Case Study: "State Farm & Gawker: Getting Readers to a Better State of Living"

State Farm, in partnership with Gawker Media's in-house creative team, Studio@Gawker, has been bringing expert analysis and advice to readers on sites like Deadspin, Gawker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, and others.

Case Study: "How to Create & Distribute Meaningful Content that Connects With Your Target Audience"

In this session, Intel and Sharethrough will discuss the "Intel For Change" campaign, which sent student ambassadors to Ecuador, India, and Kenya to observe, firsthand, the obstacles girls face in pursuing an education.

Case Study: "How Pemberley Digital Changed the Game for Cross-Platform Storytelling"

Pemberley Digital is a multi-platform production company that has two innovative flagship series.

Keynote: "Capitalizing on the New TV Landscape"

The new television landscape has moved TV advertising from a one-size-fits-all proposition to a complex nexus of opportunities across diverse platforms.

Research: "New Measurement Offerings Bridge TV & Digital Video - What's The Impact?"

Online video consumption continues to grow, increasingly driven by on-demand consumption of long-form TV programming.

Closing Keynote: "Content 2020: How The Coca-Cola Company is Evolving its Creative Agenda"

The Coca-Cola Company is evolving its approach to the creative agenda on its key brands through the company's "Liquid and Linked" marketing thinking.

Let's Go Hands On With Google Glass

Bethany Simpson gives a consumer's view on what Google Glass has to offer.

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Blog Posts

The future of the consumer experience on social media

As the social landscape develops, marketers are struggling to keep up. Here's how to choose the right channels and establish an authentic voice.

How GE and Fullscreen cemented success in online video

The lines between entertainment and advertising continue to blur, and more brands are turning to content creation. Here's how GE captured its audience with video content.

Video: Welcome to the iMedia Content Summit

The first-ever iMedia Content Summit in Huntington Beach, Calif., is well under way. Here's how iMedia gets the party started.

Why are ad buying behaviors not following viewers?

Are marketers truly putting their dollars where they belong? Let's explore the misconceptions associated with ad buying in the TV, cable, and online spaces.

Video: Exclusive interview with Chris Cox of The Hershey Company

iMedia spoke with keynote speaker Chris Cox, senior manager global digital marketing, The Hershey Company. Here's what he had to say about the inaugural iMedia Content Summit.

5 key takeaways from day 1 of the iMedia Content Summit

The iMedia Content Summit in Huntington Beach, California, featured speakers from leading brands, publishers, and agencies. Here's a few notable takeaways from the event.

Day 2 of Content Summit explores video trends and moves audience to tears

The discussions on the second day of the iMedia Content Summit focused on TV and digital video. Here's how the The Coca-Cola Company made attendees tear up.