Spring '14 Canada

April 6-8, 2014 | Montreal, Quebec

Summit Articles

Building customer loyalty in the digital age

Consumers interact with marketing messages the same way they interact with other people -- through emotion. Here's how to tap into basic human triggers.

How to capture mobile users at specific moments

Brands should consider how they can be useful to the consumer (not the other way around). Here's why you need to pay close attention to mobile behavior.

The state of the Canadian digital marketplace

With new technologies, devices, and ad venues reshaping consumer behavior, marketers are faced with a fresh set of challenges. Here's how to approach current innovations and prepare for the coming ones.

9 things you don't know about marketing in Canada

If your marketing strategy for Canada is the same as your strategy for the U.S., you're seriously missing out. Here's what you might not know about this dynamic and growing market.

Downloadable Presentations

Kickoff Presentation: "Following the Elusive, Fragmented, Always-On Consumer in a Disrupted, Mobile, Real-Time World"

Thanks to a proliferation of digital and mobile devices in Canada, media fragmentation is rampant. Consumer multitasking is the norm. And the interrelationship between consumers and brands has forever changed.

Opening Keynote: "Back to the Future: Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age"

People everywhere describe their relationships with companies and brands of all kinds in deeply personal ways -- we hate our banks, love our smartphones, and think the cable company is out to get us.

Privacy & Big Data: "What Marketers Need to Know About Privacy"

Privacy is a hot-button topic in most places, and Canada is no exception.

Panel Discussion: "Multi-Screen Measurement & Strategy"

Brands and agencies are hungry to effectively market and measure campaigns across screens.

Case Study: "A Love Affair With Bacon"

Maple Leaf Foods capitalized on Canada's love for bacon with its "Change Your Life with Bacon" campaign, a viral video series that also had roots in social.

Insight Presentation: "How to Move the Needle in eCommerce"

Despite the digital savvy of Canadian consumers, eCommerce hasn't grown as quickly here as it has in other markets. But there are signs of change as marketers revamp their eCommerce offerings to drive more business.

Insight Presentation: "Principles of Change in Digital Media & How They Are Transcending Our Economy"

As one of the very first industries to transition from an analogue world to a digital one, the media industry is leading the global IT revolution.

Insight Presentation: "Leveraging Moments from the Mobile Home Screen "

Consumers now carry three square inches of screen with them for most of the day, and this space has become prime real estate for marketers.

Case Study: "Making Sense of Data at Any Size"

When it comes to big data, most organizations are on fishing expeditions.

Brand Insight Presentation: "The Hottest Digital Trends & Opportunities in 2014 for Canadian Advertisers"

As the Canadian digital marketplace expands at a rapid pace, marketers are eager to stay ahead of fast-evolving consumer behavior.

Closing Keynote: "What's Next in Tech"

Technology is often one step ahead of marketing. Knowledge of what's next in tech and how to take advantage of innovations can make or break a marketer.

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