Spring '14 Agency

May 4-7, 2014 | Austin, TX

Summit Articles

Searching for the best answers to your big data problems

In the era of big data, success depends on what a company does with its information. Here's how to navigate your numbers for better results.

The rapidly evolving role of data in marketing

In the past few years, we have all seen digital budgets skyrocket. Here's a case study from Kellogg Company on how information is changing the advertising landscape.

Marketing in the age of contextual technology

The forces of mobile, social, sensors, location, and data have the power to subvert advertising. Here's how to create opportunities in this changing environment.

2014 ASPY Award winners unveiled

The agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

What is the future of data-driven creativity?

Consumer needs and behaviors are constantly changing, and agencies must fight to keep up. In this Q&A, Lori H. Schwartz shares insights on the latest trends in wearables, branded content, and more.

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Opening Remarks by Summit Host

Lori H. Schwartz, Managing Partner of StoryTech is iMedia May Agency Summit's host. She welcomes the crowd & kicks off the show with what's going on in the industry.

Opening Keynote: "Data is the Science that Illuminates the Art of Marketing"

It seems every marketing article, blog, and even book published today features data as a topic in some form.

Insight Address: "The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, & the Quest for Better Decisions"

The era of Big Data as arrived, but on many levels, most organizations are woefully unprepared.

Master Track B: "How Shutterfly Leverages Social Data"

Explore the campaign's implications for marketers, specifically, how to leverage social data to pinpoint consumers' activities prior to converting.

Master Track B: "Powering Next Generation Creative Through an Ever-Growing Data Ecosystem"

This session highlights the value of collaboration when applying data to both media and message.

Keynote: "The Contextual Agency"

Five technology forces are meeting at the crossroads: Mobile, social media, sensors, location technologies, and data are converging into a superstorm of change.

Demo: "Neuromarketing"

Affdex -- Facial Recognition: A tool that reads emotional states such as liking and attention from facial expressions using an ordinary webcam to give marketers faster, more accurate insight into consumer responses.

Demo: "Location Based Services"

Mahana -- iBeacon/Bluetooth Smart: A cost-effective, battery-efficient means of indoor location tracking that can trigger apps to serve compelling digital content based on a user's location and proximity to points of interest.

Case Study: "And Now A Word From The Creatives: Data Driven Storytelling in the Age of "Intelligent" Creative"

Data and analytics are overwhelming today's marketers.

Roundtables & Town Hall: "Creative in the Age of Data"

Roundtables and Town Hall Discussions give iMedia Summit attendees an opportunity to collaborate.

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Blog Posts

How the best marketing combines art and science

Data has quickly become the marketing buzzword to beat all buzzwords. While it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the volume of information out there, brands and agencies can use data to create value in many ways, even beyond the traditional examples.

How data proliferation is changing agency relationships

There's no denying that the amount of data now available to marketers is already changing the agency model, industry relationships, and advertising as a whole. But is the volume of data ultimately helping or hurting us?

How facial recognition technology will help marketers better understand consumers

What if marketers had the ability to track consumer emotional responses faster and more accurately? Now they can with this new technology tool.

How data can drive great creative content

In the midst of the large amounts of data overwhelming today's marketers, are we forgetting about the creative? Here's how to leverage data to deliver campaigns your consumers want.

Happy together @imediasummit

Great things always happen when you bring together passionate, smart folks who are committed to advancing the industry. If you missed the iMedia Agency Summit, it might validate you to know that whatever challenges you are having, you are not alone.

How to get 5,400 agency buyers to answer the phone -- and take a meeting

This case study is a synopsis of the presentation Conversant's Jim Nichols delivered during the iMedia Agency Summit.

The future of data-driven creativity: Reflections on the iMedia Agency Summit

Bringing together media agencies, creative agencies, and advertisers, and focusing on "The future of data-driven creativity," the iMedia Agency Summit offered a great arena to discuss the challenges and opportunities that agencies are facing in their attempt to embrace new digital technologies.