Summer '14 Entertainment

June 3, 2014 | Los Angeles, California

Summit Articles

4 tech innovations changing the marketing landscape

Thanks to the rapid rise of smartphones, the internet now comes with us through every step of our daily journeys. Here's where technology will take us next.

How binge-viewing is shaping the future of content

For entertainment marketers, following the evolution of viewing habits is vital. In this Q&A, Jack Myers shares his thoughts on branded content, wearable tech, the role of the CMO, and more.

Downloadable Presentations

Welcome By Summit Host: "State of the Industry"

The disruption and upheaval in the entertainment and media industries over the past two decades will pale by comparison to the disruption we'll experience in the next five years.

Insight Presentation: "TV Advertising's Data Driven Future is Here"

In this insight address, we will explore how data and web-spawned ad technologies are reshaping TV advertising.

Case Study: "Targeting the Hispanic Demo"

Seventeen percent of the U.S. population is Latino -- that's 54 million people who are consuming content in theatres, on TV, and online.

Wearable Computers: "The Next Entertainment Marketing Frontier"

Over the next few years, wearable computers -- like the Nike FuelBand, Google Glass, Pebble smartwatch, and many others -- are poised to create a $50 billion market (Credit Suisse).

Case Study: "The Surprising Power of YouTube: How NBC Built a YouTube Audience to Help Drive Viewership"

Digital platforms are changing the way people experience entertainment - television in particular.

The Ghost Agency, Inc. (Oculus Rift)/Demos & Discussion: "The Next Level of Entertainment"

Entertainment is all about great storytelling and engaging your audience.

Wattpad/Demos & Discussion: "The Next Level of Entertainment"

Entertainment is all about great storytelling and engaging your audience.

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Blog Posts

Does your brand know what to do with Gen Z?

Marketers are not prepared for the sheer disruption that Generation Z has unleashed on the media world. Here's how brands should be handling this key demographic.

Jack Myers: Don't be a change agent

According to Jack Myers, chairman of MyersBizNet, being an agent of change isn't necessarily a good thing. Here's why it's time for marketers to change their thinking.

The future of TV advertising

Will digital and TV ever align with each other? Here's how changing technology will affect the TV advertising landscape.

How marketers can better target the Hispanic demographic

Among all of the shifts occurring in the marketplace, the most overlooked one is the social shift happening with the Hispanic demographic. Here's how to connect with this vital population.

The evolution of mobile in entertainment marketing

Mobile is no longer part of the "emerging" bucket; it's an integral part of the lives of consumers. Here's the current state of mobile advertising.

And the iMedia Visionary Marketer Award goes to...

At the iMedia Entertainment Summit lunch in Beverly Hills, California, one industry leader was honored with the iMedia Visionary Marketer Award. Here's who won.

How 3 social giants' monetization models affect marketers

Now more than ever, it's crucial that marketers pay attention to what's new on the hottest social networks. Here's how Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook approach monetization.