Summer '14 Commerce

June 23-25, 2014 | Salt Lake City, UT

Summit Articles

Why you can't separate digital and physical retail

As e-commerce continues to reinvent the customer journey, integrating online and in-store experiences is more important than ever. Here's how Walmart is leading the way.

How to captivate shoppers in an omni-channel world

Today's retailers know the importance of e-commerce, but they often take a siloed approach to digital channels. Here's why alignment is the key to success.

Why retailers are struggling to reach online audiences

Currently, 27 million pieces of content are shared every day. Here's how retail brands can avoid getting lost in the noise.

How to craft innovation from new technologies

The most inventive marketers always keep the latest tech advances top-of-mind. In this Q&A, Laston Charriez, SVP marketing, Western Union, discusses the respective roles of CMOs, consumers, and partners.

4 predictions for the future of shopping

The world of commerce has been utterly transformed by the dawn of new technology, big data, and online shopping. Here's a look at what's next.

Why proximity marketing is valuable for retail

Hyperlocal tracking can identify precisely where shoppers are in stores. Here's how marketers should be using beacons and other proximity technologies.

The new way to retail

Retail must reinvent itself time and time again to keep up with the growing demands of today's consumers. Here are the important things to note about today's landscape.

Downloadable Presentations

Opening Keynote: "Walmart's Digital Transformation - Bridging the Digital / Physical Divide"

The theme of this event is "The Future of Shopping," and throughout the conference we'll be tackling the strategies and tactics related to the challenges of marketing to the changing consumer - the new minimum consumer expectation, the technologies driving the future of on and offline retail marketing, the latest ecommerce trends, and more!

Case Study: "Reaching Consumers When & Where Receptive"

Laston Charriez will highlight the subject of consumer receptivity and how "insights" can drive ROE - return on engagement.

Insight Presentation: "Attribution Marketing Tailored for Your Business"

Layering in attribution to a marketing plan is essential in today's world - but how do YOU do it?

Track A: "M-Commerce Strategies for Omni-Channel Consumer Engagement"

As shoppers' companions, smartphones and tablets are creating opportunities as well as challenges for retailers and brands.

Track C: "Can Content Drive Commerce?"

Brands are increasingly positioning themselves to leverage great content and reader engagement into the commerce product-sales revenue stream.

Valspar: Store of the Future: "How Digital is Revolutionizing Retail Operations"

Through real world examples, this session explores how enterprise technology solutions, agile development processes, and an adoption of innovation across the store have transformed modern retail operations from the back room to the sales floor and, ultimately, to the consumer's in-store experience.

Keynote Fireside Chat: "Captivating the Consumer in An Omni-Channel World"

Few would question the profound impact of digital on consumers' behavior.

Insight Presentation: "Advanced Amazon Strategies"

Amazon keeps growing, but are your sales through the biggest online mall keeping pace?

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The new table stakes for shopper marketing

When it comes to shopper marketing, omni-channel is the new consumer minimum. In his opening remarks at iMedia Commerce Summit, host Dave Knox talked about what this means for marketers.

How many miles have you walked in your customers' shoes?

If marketers don't understand their customers, then nothing else matters. Here's how Walmart has found success with a customer-centric strategy.

Marketing toilet paper and money transfers: The common thread

The key to marketing success isn't about what you're selling, It's about knowing your customer. Western Union's SVP of marketing, Laston Charriez, explains why.

Attribution marketing: Stop looking for "the answer"

When thinking about attributional marketing, brands need to take a more holistic approach. Here are some basic tactics from a modern retail company.

The Jetsons weren't that far-fetched after all

For the past few years, technology and innovation have been changing the ways in which people shop. Here's how.

The new definition of "e"commerce is "e"verywhere

Today's business environment is no longer limited to in-store or online. Here's why we should redefine electronic commerce, or e-commerce, as "everywhere" commerce.

Why the advertising business will die

Brands need to spend less time advertising to their customers and more time connecting with them. Here's how.