September 7-10, 2014 | Coronado, CA

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How to create a brighter marketing future

Our industry is in a state of chaos, but within that chaos resides great opportunity. Are you prepared to make the most of it?

Why brand warmth is the true driver of loyalty

Marketers have amazing tools for connecting with consumers as individuals, and yet customer loyalty to brands is at an all-time low. Why? The reason -- and solution -- is simpler than you think.

Transforming your business with programmatic: Are you ready?

There's a difference between running your marketing campaigns programmatically and updating your entire business model. Here's why it's time for a shift.

How L'Oreal is advancing omni-channel campaigns

The new era of omni-channel creative is changing the game for both marketers and consumers. In this Q&A, Julia Mavrodin, director, digital marketing at L'Oreal, discusses how the brand sets itself apart.

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Opening Keynote: "#brightfuture"

Despite all these challenges, Rangaiah says, it's this very chaos that makes now the best time to be in marketing.

Insight Presentation: "Being Wired For Content - Tackling The Content Conundrum"

Content Marketing is 2014's "Year of Mobile." Everyone is talking about it, everyone is selling it, few are doing it, and even fewer are doing it well.

Case Study: "The Future of Brands: Creative Digital Campaigns that Transform Content & Drive Engagement Across All Platforms"

When L'Oreal Luxe decided to launch em michelle phan cosmetics, the very first completely ecommerce prestige cosmetic brand in 2012, L'Oreal looked to Tag as a collaborative partner to develop new product launches and tactical advertising for this revolutionary line -- Tag Creative founders, Gina Delio and Terry Rieser, have been creating digital content and creative strategies for beauty and luxury clients since 2004.

Case Study: "Upper Deck Learns to 'Think Different' Thanks to iMedia"

How can you leverage the power of your brand to improve lives?

MT A: "Workshop: Building a Data-Driven Marketing Organization: Be the Agent of Change"

Your company's aspirations to become data driven seem out of reach. What can you do about it?

MT B: "The UX & Storytelling Convergence"

Several factors have created a sea change in the definition of what makes a great user experience.

MT C: "Programmatic Disruption"

As it has proven to be in other industries, programmatic disruption is inevitable.

Keynote: "Back to the Future: Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age"

Groundbreaking research by Fortune 500 business executive Chris Malone and renowned social psychologist Dr. Susan Fiske at Princeton University has yielded a deceptively simple but important finding: As customers, we engage with and become loyal to companies and brands in precisely the same way we do with other humans-on the basis of their warmth and competence.

Case Study: "Rust-Oleum Proves How Blending Content, Integrated Media Partnerships, & Data-Driven Marketing Ignites Consumer Motivation"

There are more than 100 million searches per month on "how to" do something. Rust-Oleum is a brand that serves as the answer to an awful lot of those searches.

Roundtables & Town Hall Discussion: "Brand Marketing in the Programmatic Era"

Marketers are reimagining advertising with digital, but brand building in a multi-screen, constantly connected world can be challenging.

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Blog Posts

The content marketing conundrum

Getting content marketing right can be trickier than it seems. Here are some tips from Adam Kmiec, senior director of social media and content at Walgreens, on the topic.

em michelle phan wins big by breaking omni-channel rules

In order to stay relevant, brands need to break away from traditional marketing models. Here's a case study from an iconic cosmetics brand that's successfully innovating.

Case study: How Upper Deck learned to "think different"

How can you leverage the power of your brand to improve lives? Here's one company's story of why it was inspired to shift its marketing strategy.

Why innovation isn't always positive

The digital technology making our lives easier is also creating more complexity in the industry. Here's why marketers should consider both sides of every story.

iMedia and Burnham Marketing partner to "clean the world"

iMedia Brand Summit attendees gathered to assemble over 500 hygiene kits for donation to the Veterans Village of San Diego. Here's how a partnership can benefit local communities.

What makes a brand a great brand?

For a brand to stand out from its competitors, marketers must take bold action. Here are a few key suggestions from author Denise Lee Yohn's Insight Address.