October 26-28, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia

Summit Articles

Why you should disrupt your own organization

Predicting the future is no longer the way companies stay ahead of the curve. To be truly competitive, you must go above and beyond -- straight to creating it yourself.

Creating your unique future

It's not enough to be content with the status quo. Find out why you should focus on what's ahead and what your company should bring to the marketing table.

How Upper Deck stays ahead of the game

With every marketer focused on the future, how do you get ahead of your competitors? In this Q&A with Chris Carlin, senior marketing and social media manager at The Upper Deck Company, find out how the brand is winning with consumer behavior insights, trends, and media models.

Reimagining the way retailers do business

Consumer shopping behaviors and expectations are rapidly changing because of digital, and companies need to follow suit. Learn how a major shopping center is innovating within the retail ecosystem.

Downloadable Presentations

Welcome by Mobile Bootcamp Host

David Hallerman welcomes iMedia Breakthrough Summit Mobile Bootcamp attendees.

Case Study: "Using Experience Design to Create Highly Personalized Buying Experiences on Mobile in the Residential Home Industry"

When residential homebuilder Edward Andrews wanted to improve its design specification process, the company decided to embrace digital and mobile technologies.

Case Study: "What Happens When Mobile, Social & Loyalty Collide?"

What happens when mobile, social, and loyalty collide? What happens is Waffle House Rewards, a mobile application designed in partnership with Smithfield Foods to reward loyal Waffle House patrons, as well as stock car race fans, with fun prizes for unique racing experiences.

Case Study: "How Mobile Unlocks Long Term Customer Value"

Unlocking long-term customer value begins with connecting the customer journey.

Case Study: "YellaWood: Social Sharing & Content Virality"

You want your content to be shared. You want it to go viral. But what is the key?

Closing Keynote: "Arc of Mobility: A Perspective on a New Era of Consumer Expectation & Opportunity"

Mobile is no longer new and is, in fact, so integrated into our lives we rarely acknowledge it.

Keynote: "Create Your Future"

To stay ahead of the game in today's rapidly evolving and uncertain marketplace, it is no longer sufficient to be able to anticipate the future - you have to create it.

Insight Presentation: "Driving Corporate Innovation from the Inside (The Story of Coca-Cola's Social HUB)"

Technology is fast. Big companies are slow. How is it possible for enterprise-level marketers to keep pace with consumers' ever-changing digital media habits?

Case Study: "Turning Social Listening Into Innovation"

At Fisher-Price, we built an online social listening platform to provide our loyal consumers a place to share their thoughts and ideas with each other, as well as with the brand.

Insight Presentation: "Reimagining Marketing Innovation"

From audience targeting to advertising, shopper marketing, loyalty, and other parts of the value chain, marketing is being transformed.

Keynote: "Re-Imagined Retail: The Convergence of Physical & Digital Shopping"

As the retail landscape changes and consumer shopping behaviors and expectations continue to evolve with the ubiquity of digital technologies, retailers must reimagine what they offer - and how they offer it.

Fireside Chat: "Why The Weather Channel is the Coolest Technology Company in Atlanta"

This session will be a brief study into what has made The Weather Channel a leading digital content provider over the last several years.

Case Study: "Upper Deck Learns to 'Think Different' Thanks to iMedia"

Marketing in the past has been all about putting your brand everywhere your potential consumers are. Is there a better way to market though because potential customers tune out a lot of this traditional marketing?

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Blog Posts

The Universal Orlando Resort mobile experience

During a fireside chat at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit, Chip Gross of AKQA discussed the agency's creation of a new Universal Orlando Resort Mobile Experience, which was designed to "make having fun easy."

7 trends shaping the future of mobile marketing

Even though phones are now personal computers, it's no longer about one specific device or channel. Consider how mobility is challenging both consumers and marketers.

How Waffle House used NASCAR and bacon to enhance its mobile experience

Waffle House is known for not paying for advertising. But this strategy hasn't prohibited it from keeping loyal consumers engaged -- both online and offline.

Why the AT&T Stadium is a mobile game-changer

AT&T has been reshaping the mobile experience on many levels, including the ways in which people can enjoy a football game. Here's how.

The story behind Coca-Cola's new social innovation

Learn how the soft drink company's new internal social media HUB, combined with its commitment to innovation, is enabling it to better tap into consumers' ever-changing digital habits.

Case study: Fisher-Price's crowdsourcing win

Crowdsourcing can often be an inexpensive solution to business challenges that also drives brand loyalty and engagement. Here's how one toy brand is winning with the strategy.

How The Weather Channel paved a unique path to being a technological leader

The Weather Channel fosters a culture that puts innovation at the forefront, rather than relegating it to a side project. Here's how.

Doing good is good branding

Impossible is not a death sentence for innovation, it's a challenge. Not Impossible's Rick Eberling shared his inspiring story to marketers at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit.