Fall '14 Agency

December 7-10, 2014 | Bonita Springs, Florida

Summit Articles

What's next for the digital agency?

A veteran marketer who's been on both sides of the brand/agency table explains how digital marketers can make themselves more valuable to the clients they represent.

Balancing innovation and scale

Agencies -- no matter how large or small -- must be quick in execution in order to meet their clients' needs on both innovation and scale. In this Q&A, we asked Nicole Estebanell, SVP/group media director for DigitasLBi, for insight on tools and tactics she uses to support diverse talent.

Agencies becoming the best version of ourselves

Mixed blood and decades of insider learning strike a balance in this call-to-action piece from an agency veteran.

A look inside the Millennial mindset

This baffling generation gets a little less puzzling with a look at what makes them tick and how brands can approach them with success.

Downloadable Presentations

Finding & Retaining Talent: "Is Modern HR Moving Fast Enough to Capture the Opportunities in Emerging Trends?"

In today's agency marketplace, roles and resources are constantly changing as technology, consumer behaviors, and demographic patterns evolve.

Master Track A: "Programmatic Marketing - A Brand View"

We have already passed the eleventh hour: Programmatic marketing is here to stay, and its growth is as assured as the demise of Blockbuster, the ascension of Netflix, the crash of Kodak, and rise of the smartphone.

Master Track B: "Exploring 'Identity' from a Consumer & Agency/Brand Perspective"

Identity can mean many things for both consumers and brands in the social and digital media world.

Keynote: "Millennials' Mindset Matters"

The Millennial generation, born 1982-2003, thinks in images more than in words.

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Blog Posts

Don't run from disruption -- leverage it

If you're not on top of these trends, you need to start paying closer attention -- lest you get disrupted yourself.

Finding and retaining talent: Strategies for success

Learn how Razorfish is overcoming HR challenges in the ultra-competitive marketing staffing landscape.

Programmatic marketing: A brand's view

Here are the key questions every agency needs to be prepared to answer for its clients when it comes to adopting programmatic marketing.

Why you need to be thinking about short-form video content

If you're a marketer and not hip to short-form video content platforms, your education needs to start here and now.

Marketing tips from top Vine talent

Social video platforms like Vine are exploding, and influencer content is the accelerant. So how do brands get in on this action without sacrificing the authenticity that fans demand?