Spring '14 Brand

February 22 - 25, 2015 | Amelia Island, Florida

Summit Articles

How Coca-Cola blends art and science

All too often, marketers make decisions based on intuition rather than information. Here's how changing your mindset to incorporate data into your analyses and executions will lead you to greater success.

Kraft's journey to becoming a data-driven leader

Kraft underwent a marketing reinvention when it realized that technology changes were rendering its current strategies stale. Here's what you can learn from the voyage.

Downloadable Presentations

Seller Breakfast: "Ten Tips for Nailing Your iMedia Opportunity"

What are the optimal strategies for having a successful 2015 iMedia Brand Summit experience?

Master Track B: "What Comes Next? - Using Narrative Improvisation to Communicate, Create, & Innovate"

Discover the tools of narrative improvisation and how these tools can help you brainstorm and problem solve, get the best out of your team and create new connections, and, ultimately, tell your unique story.

Opening Keynote: "The Pivot Point of Art & Science"

All too often, marketers make decisions based on intuition rather than information.

How Great Brands Are REALLY Built: "How Programmatic, Mobile-First & Every Other Buzzword are Killing Your Brand"

For over a century, corporations have had one basic tool for building brands: advertising.

Keynote: "Embracing Change in a Data-Driven World"

The theme of this iMedia conference is "Man vs. Machine," but truly, in today's marketing ecosystem, thriving companies embrace a "man plus machine" mentality.

Insight Address: "The Agility Advantage"

In the past, companies could pick a strategy and stick with it, maintaining a competitive edge for years.

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Blog Posts

3 tips for embracing digital transformation

It's crucial for marketers to stay ahead of the customer and competition without disrupting the organization. Find out how to understand and adopt new tactics without losing your head.

The key to building a great brand

Many consumers are growing weary of traditional advertising methods. Combat this by learning how to empower -- not interrupt -- your consumers.

The great content debate: Creativity vs. measurability

Is it possible for brands to create effective content that drives conversion? Industry experts tackle the topic in a spirited debate.

How agility will set you apart from the competition

The ability to react quickly to opportunities can greatly impact your success. Learn how an agile approach will benefit your strategy.