April 12-14, 2015 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Summit Articles

The increased precision of mobile targeting and tracking

Mobile marketers used to have to throw a campaign out to the masses and hope for the best. These days, though, there are some exciting options to reach the precise consumers you want.

The growth hacker wake-up call

Marketers need to forgo tradition and start placing themselves in a new mindset. Check out these examples of brands that understand the future of marketing.

How video is transforming shopping experiences

Content and commerce convergence is here, and now is the time for marketers to learn the tricks of the video shopping trade.

Downloadable Presentations

Welcome by Mobile Bootcamp Host

Brian Host as iMedia Commerce Summit mobile bootcamp host!

Opening Insight Presentation: "Advanced Targeting & Tracking Techniques in Mobile"

Join internationally recognized author and marketing thought leader Jamie Turner as he takes you on an information-packed whirlwind tour of some of the more advanced targeting and tracking techniques now available in mobile.

Case Study: "Local + Social Best Practices & Pitfalls for National Brick & Mortar Brands"

Vert has been working with Shoney's Restaurants on a mobile-first social initiative to implement a localized marketing strategy for the brand and for each of Shoney's 150+ restaurants.

Case Study: "Turning Loyalty Into Advocacy: The Evolution of Incentivized Marketing"

As mobile continues to drive marketers to improve their relationships with customers, loyalty programs are in the hot seat.

Fireside Chat: "Mobile-First Is Here & It's the Future"

We've all seen the famous video that shows how intuitive an iPad is for infants.

Hot Trends in Retail: "The Social Customer Experience"

When brands scale social media, business grows. Brands that create a more vibrant, conversational dynamic among customers develop deeper relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and gain better insights.

Hot Trends in Retail: "Proximity & Beacon Technology"

We all know data can tell an important story about consumer behavior, and when we layer in proximity-based details that help us connect the physical location with a mobile consumer, there's a gold mine of opportunities to create retail engagement.

Panel Discussion: "How Retailers & Consumer Product Brands Are Collaborating to Drive Business Results With Audience Data"

As a person's path-to-purchase meanders through an expanding set of touchpoints every day, how can consumer brands and retailers work together to achieve their goals in this intricate marketing environment?

Welcome to the Layer Cake: "How to Find the Marketer Sweet Spot"

In the heavily venture-capital funded world of ad technology, the pressure is on to create the next "unicorn" (companies with a $1 billion exit valuation).

Hot Trends in Retail: "Bitcoin Pavilion"

We all understand that virtual currencies (a type of digital money) can be used to buy and sell things/services, and that the ecosystem of people accepting cryptocurrencies (a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information) as payment is expanding.

Keynote: "How Video is Transforming the Way People Shop"

Video is becoming an important component in creating engaging and immersive eCommerce experiences.

User Generated Content: "Strategies for Driving Sales Online & In-Store"

User-generated content, such as ratings and reviews, images, and Q&A, has revolutionized the online consumer purchase journey.

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Blog Posts

Turning loyalty into advocacy: The evolution of incentivized marketing

When faced with business challenges, specialty women's brand The Limited decided to harness the power of its loyal customers and turn them into advocates.

Finding social success on a local level

The social media fabric is changing, and one Southeast-based restaurant is helping its franchisees embrace the new marketing tools in their arsenal.

Driving results with audience data

Past objections to second-party data have since been addressed, making now the perfect time for marketers to leverage that data as part of a holistic data approach.