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May 3-6, 2015 | Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Summit Articles

2015 ASPY Award winners unveiled

Agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

How agencies must adapt to the new digital landscape

Agility in the face of constant change is essential for internal and external growth. Three experts weighed in on how they've worked to build and shape the agency of tomorrow.

How a giant became more nimble

Spending the time, energy, and budget on big, impressive campaigns is no longer the norm. Find out how a global agency addressed the changing landscape.

Downloadable Presentations

Think like David While Acting like Goliath: Strategy First, Then Choose Wisely from Your Digital Arsenal

Challenger brands are taking over. They are changing the rules and teaching us how to compete with deep-pocketed competitors and their vast resources.

Insight Presentation: "The Metamorphosis of the Ad Agency"

The proliferation of technology has permeated the masses and show only signs of acceleration.

Keynote: "How a Giant Became More Nimble"

In today's "always on" world, the best marketers connect brands to culture, create bite-sized content suitable for each platform, and integrate media and creative seamlessly.

Case Study: "How Influencer Marketing is Changing the Game"

It's no secret that the recommendations you truly trust come from friends and family.

Myth Busting: 10 Myths About the Hispanic Consumer

Much of what many marketers believe about U.S. Hispanic culture simply isn't so.

Innovation, Design, & the Seamless User Experience

In this workshop we'll explore the entire innovation process -- from trends and insights to prototyping.

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Blog Posts

Tackling the talent conundrum

Finding the right talent for the right job is becoming increasingly more difficult as roles within the agency change. Take a look at the new models for hiring.

How to reach a generation that is coming of age on screens

Today's young people live in a far different reality than many marketers knew when growing up. So how can they expect to connect with these young people in an authentic way?

The metamorphosis of the ad agency

The proliferation of technology has permeated the masses and shows only signs of acceleration. Agencies try to compete with their algorithms and math men. But are they enough?

How to compete with "Goliath" brands

The era of big brands dominating everything is over. The rules of the game are always changing, and the ones that find themselves at the finish line are always the ones that are open to change.