September 13 - 16, 2015 | Coronado, California

Summit Articles

How to bring your brand to life

In order to best connect with consumers, every brand must establish itself as a unique entity with a specific message. One expert weighs in on what it takes to go up against the big players.

How to leverage human nature to amplify your influence

If you want to increase your chances of success in marketing, you should design for reality. Here's how to align your effort with natural human behaviors and biases.

The Millennial mindset: A marketer's guide

In order to garner the appreciation of the most sought-after audience, brands must learn what it is that Millennials are looking for. Discover the attributes that will highlight your brand today.

How to create content for consumers with competing views

What do you do when your product is beloved by two vastly different audiences? Solo Cup knows.

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Which Wall Does the Brand Go On?

Your brand is not a logo. Or a tag line. Or an ad. It's all these things - and so much more.

Getting Inside the Millennial Mindset

Only 19% of Millennials, born 1982-2003, believe you can trust people most of the time, compared to 31% among notoriously cynical members of Gen. X.

Creating Content When Consumers Have Competing Views

Do you know how different generations view your brand? Do you know how to create content for the right people on the right platform?

Not All Data is Created Equal

Data is the key to better understanding consumer behaviors, attitudes, and habits.

Data Is Currency

"Data Is Currency" introduces new thinking to marketers about how they regard and leverage data.

Master Track A: The 21st Century Brand

In this session, we will talk at length about the importance of transparency with today's conscious consumer.

Master Track B: How NBC's The Voice Used Social Influencers to Launch Their Social Media Pre-Show, the #VoiceTailgate

Learn more about how The Voice was able to successfully engage fans across the new, emerging social platforms. Hear first hand from the influencers what worked, what didn't, and how the social strategy was shaped over the course of the Season.

Master Track C: How VR is Changing the Game for Brands

All of us are excited about the prospects and outlook for Virtual Reality, but how we do understand the near term and long term opportunities for Brands.

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Blog Posts

Beyond marketing: The brand behaviors that delight and disappoint your customers

It's not enough to focus on marketing technology. Discover why it's important to remember the fundamental practices when it comes to your customers.

10 awesome tweets from the iMedia Brand Summit

Find out what attendees couldn't wait to share about this important industry event.

Not all data is the right data

How do we interpret the mass quantities of data in order to create an effective strategy? An expert from Walmart weighs in.

New thinking on how to leverage data

Data is important, but few treat it as anything other than a series of endpoints emanating from an action. Find out new ways to approach it.