October 26-28, 2015 | Austin, Texas

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Bring creative to the programmatic era

Creative has not been at the forefront of the programmatic revolution, but the opportunity is there. Discover why it's important and how we can make positive changes.

How to navigate big-brand customer experience

Dealing with the ins and outs of creative can be challenging on a large scale. Follow these guidelines for making a personal audience connection.

Why going viral means more than just getting page views

If you've created great content that didn't give you the reach you were looking for, there's a secret formula you need to know. These are the three main components of virality.

How implementing new technology can cultivate innovation

Now is the time to move beyond linear creation of strategy. Check out this five-step system to identify and foster new lines of thinking.

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Welcome by Programmatic Bootcamp Host

Seth Haberman welcomes the iMedia Breakthrogh Summit brand marketers and agency excutives to a one-day, closed door bootcamp.

Creativity in a Programmatic World

People don't see algorithms. People see ads. Yet, as the ad industry quickly moves toward an inevitable end state where the vast majority of media is transacted programmatically, something kind of important got left behind: creativity.

Timely & Creative Marketing Requires Controlling Frequency

Many have argued that data and creativity are mutually exclusive.

The New World of Content Marketing: Delivering the Right Content to the Right Consumer at the Right Time in the Right Place

Gone are the days of the "one size fits all" approach to marketing.

Programmatic Evolution - Be Transparent or Be Forgotten: Three Ways that Transparency Will Be the Straw that Breaks the Opaque Camel's Back

Advertisers and consumers alike are craving more transparency in the programmatic media landscape to better understand how their media dollars are being utilized.

The Creative Crunch: Why Programmatic Is Fundamentally Shaking Up Agency Structures

Agencies sell programmatic as a silver bullet, but often forget it must serve two masters: media and creative.

Video Content Marketing By Numbers

Social media and content marketing venues are embracing video, and brands are getting onboard.

Welcome by Summit Host

Kevin Ryan welcomes attendees to the 2015 iMedia Breakthrough Summit: "Navigating Content & Creativity in a Programmatic World"

Intro: The State of Ad Tech

Ashley J. Swartz, Founder, Furious Corp. tees up the "Innovation Hour" with a look into the technologies that drive advertising today and in the very near future.

Halt & Catch Fire: Is PII No Longer the Third-Rail of Digital Privacy?

The rules preventing the merger of PII with ad-serving data are perhaps the most oft-referenced privacy rules in adtech.

The Future of Advertising in the IoT

Connected devices started with mobile and have expanded to the items we use every day.

Closing Discussion: Designing for Disruption

Darwin said it's not the fittest, but most adaptable to change that survives.

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How to overcome programmatic challenges

See where programmatic is now, where it's headed, and how marketers can navigate the obstacles.

Why programmatic is shaking up agency structures

Agencies sell programmatic as a silver bullet, but often forget it must serve two masters: media and creative. Let's talk about what that means in reality.

The future of advertising in the Internet of Things

Take a look at the complex relationship between these connected devices, advertisers, and consumers.

Emerging trends in digital privacy

Are you doing enough to protect your customers' personal information? See why brands need to do more to keep sensitive data safe.