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Speak @ iMedia

iMedia Summits feature the very best thought leadership in the industry

"As someone who presents at over two dozen conferences a year, I'm always impressed by iMedia events. Not only do they consistently put on a great show--with some of the best speakers and content you'll see in the internet marketing industry--the staff is highly professional and an absolute delight to work with."

Geoffrey Ramsey
Chairman, Co-Founder, eMarketer

Our selection of speakers is determined by our advisory board and based upon feedback from our attendees and target audiences. Our objective is to educate and challenge the iMedia community by recruiting the key industry players who are redefining the landscape of marketing and are eager to tackle the most pressing issues of the day in compelling and concise presentations. Speakers @ iMedia participate in the exclusive iMedia Summit experience with high caliber content, networking, and collaboration in a beautiful resort setting.

Formats we're looking for:

  • Brand marketers who can share timely industry insight, relevant case studies, or showcase success with partners
  • Case studies with campaign objectives, methodology, results, and key learnings
  • Research/insight presentations
  • Collaborative audience involvement

Please know that each proposal will be carefully reviewed, but due to high volume we will be unable to respond to all submissions. Selected submissions will be immediately notified.


*If you do not represent a brand, we HIGHLY recommend you propose a brand partner to speak on your behalf or as a co-presenter. Agencies, technology service providers, publishers, etc. may not be considered without a brand co-presenter.