Greg Shepard

How to best leverage PPC bids

There's a shift in the way marketers are handling PPC with affiliates, and if done correctly, it's a win-win for everyone. Find out more about this trend.

Eric Picard

Programmatic's place at the top of the marketing funnel

Most media buyers are missing out on much of the value that today's systems can provide. Here's why marketing personas matter for digital media.

Sheri Firstenberg

7 deadly sins of Google AdWords

AdWords can be a great way to reach new audiences, but there are blunders to avoid. Are you making these mistakes?

Adam Kapel

Why you should abandon ad personas

Brands and agencies often define audiences using customer personas, but they're too static to capture reality. Here's more on the dynamic future of targeting.

Sean Crawford

Why audience verification isn't enough to combat ad fraud

You shouldn't rely on singular detection or filtering solutions as your only line of defense against ad fraud. Here's what else you need to know.

Michael Estrin

3 wrong answers to why no one saw your ad

Serious questions are being raised about whether ads are really reaching their target audiences. Here's why the most common explanations are the least helpful.

Jim Nichols

The 6 sides of every customer

To unlock the best possible results for your next marketing program, specific information about your prospects is vital. Here's a list of powerful data insights to better understand buyer persuasion.

Eric Picard

The 7 types of targeting you need to know

Audience targeting has been evolving since ancient Greece. Today, here's what's available to you in the digital media space.

Cliff Medney

The factors that separate "great" brands from "also" brands

Is your brand exceptional? Or does it just maintain the status quo?

Ethan Ross

How to reach the male demographic on mobile

Connecting with the elusive 18- to 34-year-old male can be tricky for marketers. Here's what you need to know to engage him on mobile.

Alex Friedman

3 trends in media consumption you need to know

Despite all the rumors, the media landscape isn't so bleak after all. Here are the growing trends in media consumption and how brands can capitalize on them.

Peter Platt

3 social networks that brands should ignore

Just because social media sites have audiences doesn't mean they're good places for marketing. Here's why you should reconsider your efforts on these popular platforms.

Andre Golsorkhi

Google's first steps toward a cookie-free tomorrow

Google is leading the charge to move away from cookies and improve the capabilities of tracking technology overall. Here's how the company is ushering in the new age of consumer targeting.

Chloe Della Costa

Why people hate the ad industry

Why do people hate our industry with such a fiery passion? Here are the major consumer complaints -- and how advertising can rescue its reputation.

Gregory Kennedy

How to use email to drive mobile app downloads

Are you properly tapping into email to boost your mobile efforts? Here are some practical tips to drive downloads through a trusted channel.

Josh Dreller

The 10 types of people you meet at marketing events

An industry event can be a zoo, so you need to be a zookeeper. Here's your guide to identifying and taming the wildlife.