Amish Tolia

Take persona targeting to the next level

Make sure you're breaking through the marketing clutter and reaching your top target audiences with these tips.

Alexandra Press

How digital has changed the way advertisers reach women

In the past, women have been forced into the limited roles created for them in advertising. Take a look at how things are changing in the social media era.

Michael Horn

Look-alike targeting's new frontier

Targeting consumers based upon what they've searched is not enough -- their motivation is equally as important. It's time to learn about think-alike marketing.

Greg Kihlström

4 rules for responsible marketing to children

It should go without saying that advertising to children and for children's products should be done with care. Here are the guidelines to remember.

David Cooper

Could fraud exist in a cookie-less world?

Cookies are a huge part of digital advertising, but they can be highly vulnerable to attack. Here's what would happen if we deleted them for good.

Evan Westenberger

The best tools for light customer "stalking"

Gathering relevant audience data is a surefire way to begin creating quality content. Take a look at some of the best means for collecting this info. 

Susan Lietz

Cross-device marketing for festival season

Don't miss a beat as you prepare for this music festival season. Check out these tips for getting the most out of your marketing dollars aimed at concertgoers.

Leeann Leahy

Marketing to the Millennial mom

The latest research shows that today's moms are interested in old-fashioned values with modern convenience. Which brands are paving the way?

Greg Shepard

How to best leverage PPC bids

There's a shift in the way marketers are handling PPC with affiliates, and if done correctly, it's a win-win for everyone. Find out more about this trend.

Eric Picard

Programmatic's place at the top of the marketing funnel

Most media buyers are missing out on much of the value that today's systems can provide. Here's why marketing personas matter for digital media.

Sheri Firstenberg

7 deadly sins of Google AdWords

AdWords can be a great way to reach new audiences, but there are blunders to avoid. Are you making these mistakes?

Adam Kapel

Why you should abandon ad personas

Brands and agencies often define audiences using customer personas, but they're too static to capture reality. Here's more on the dynamic future of targeting.

Sean Crawford

Why audience verification isn't enough to combat ad fraud

You shouldn't rely on singular detection or filtering solutions as your only line of defense against ad fraud. Here's what else you need to know.

Michael Estrin

3 wrong answers to why no one saw your ad

Serious questions are being raised about whether ads are really reaching their target audiences. Here's why the most common explanations are the least helpful.

Jim Nichols

The 6 sides of every customer

To unlock the best possible results for your next marketing program, specific information about your prospects is vital. Here's a list of powerful data insights to better understand buyer persuasion.

Eric Picard

The 7 types of targeting you need to know

Audience targeting has been evolving since ancient Greece. Today, here's what's available to you in the digital media space.