Mark Connolly

Agencies need to adapt to survive in today’s programmatic world

The programmatic revolution is shifting the balance of power client-side and agencies must re-think their model to remain relevant, says Mark Connolly, AudienceScience's CRO & VP International.

Dan Brain

Out of Africa: 5 things global marketers were talking about in Marrakech this week

Engaging fans in content creation, trust and the future of agency models were talking points at the World Federation of Advertiser's Global Marketer conference in Marrakech yesterday. Dan Brain summarises.

Luke Hayter

Where intent meets financial services

Brands should consider using real time 'intent' data to target customers as changes to ISAs kick in this spring, says Luke Hayter, Magnetic's VP Europe.

Dan Brain

Pitch@Palace will put Royal Stamp on UK tech start-up scene

Pitch@Palace will give tech entrepreneurs the chance to secure Royal approval and you can have your say via the People’s Choice Award. Dan Brain explains.

Philip Rooke

How to win the race for the final click in mobile commerce

M-commerce has not reached its potential because the buying experience is too confusing, says Philip Rooke, CEO of online retailer Spreadshirt.

Dan Brain

WFA's Stephan Loerke: "We have barely scratched the surface of what is possible in Africa"

Stephan Loerke, WFA’s Managing Director explains the Africa opportunity, programmatic progress and regulatory failings ahead of the Federation's Global Advertiser Week in Marrakech later this month.

Guy Beresiner

The adtech gulf

Guy Beresiner, Sociomantic Labs' Director of Partnerships says reducing complexity is key to realising a programmatic panacea.

Paul Frampton

The Only Way is Ethics

Paul Frampton, Havas Media's CEO says the industry has a responsibility to use data to create more useful consumer experiences than the current crop of advertising.

Adam  Rock

Why now is the time to act on native

Could native be the golden ticket for brands and publishers alike? Adam Rock, TAN Media's Founder explains why he is excited.

Dan Brain

3 reasons why we like Shingy

AOL's Digital Prophet Shingy has had a bit of a kicking from the blogosphere and The Guardian, but we're looking forward to bringing him to the UK for a trademark entertaining performance this spring. Dan Brain explains why.

Dr Andreas Schroeter

Re-engaging your distracted TV audience over a second screen

Dr Andreas Schroeter, wywy's Co-Founder explains why the wandering eyes of TV viewers must make brands take the 2nd screen seriously.

Rachel Powney

5 ways to increase mobile campaign ROI in a very busy marketplace

Embrace  programmatic, native and video if you want to boost the performance of your mobile campaigns - Rachel Powney, OpenX's Marketing Director explains.

Joel Windels

Do retail brands take Twitter seriously?

Joel Windels, Brandwatch's Marketing Manager - EMEA examines whether retailers are living up to customer expectations on Twitter.

Steve Elson

Ghosts of Christmas past: What can marketers learn from festive bargain hunters?

Changes in retail buying behaviour should encourage a re-think of omnichannel marketing strategy and attribution, says Steve Elson, HookLogic's VP Retail Strategy.

Dan Brain

Should CEO's take more responsibility for marketing strategy? 6 iMedia Summit takeaways

Greater CEO investment in marketing strategy and the opportunity to combine data with content were among the discussion points at the iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit last week.

Sarah Gavin

A solution for integration in the fragmented content marketing world

Sarah Gavin, Outbrain's Marketing Director explains how the combination of content marketing and programmatic will result in more effective marketing and a streamlined buying process.