Michael Bayler

Machines of Loving Grace (part three)

In the final piece of this three part series, marketing transformation expert and author Michael Bayler examines how brands can use IoT to re-engage consumers.

Bettina Sherick

The changing-equalising-borderless world of entertainment

Bettina Sherick, 20th Century Fox's former SVP Digital Strategic Marketing dissects the global shifts that are changing the face of marketing entertainment.

Brian Rigney

Instant digital gratification: 15 stats that show why time is the new currency for CMOs

An increasingly complex marketing landscape, the short attention span of consumers and confusion created by too much choice make time the modern day challenge for marketers, says Brian Rigney, Zmags' CEO.

Christophe Menard

5 ways to boost engagement and overcome ad blindness

Brands must embrace new formats to tackle the growing problem of ad blindness - Christophe Menard, Sublime Skinz's Chief Programmatic Officer explains.

Ben Sidebottom

We need to re-think viewability and attribution

Marketers should be careful when using viewability data in attribution models - Ben Sidebottom, Visual IQ's Director Solution Architecture - EMEA explains.

Mark Connolly

Ad viewability and campaign scale should go hand-in-hand

Consider viewability and scale in isolation of each other at your peril, argues Mark Connolly, AudienceScience's CRO & VP International.

Jonathan Milne

A creative coup in programmatic

The combination of programmatic and creativity is key to unlocking the potential of display advertising - Jonathan Milne, Celtra's General Manager - EMEA explains.

John Lanyon

7 techniques for generating content ideas from thin air

Stuck for inspiration? Hurricane Media Creative Director John Lanyon offers simple steps you can take to boost creativity.

Brian Rigney

The content king is dead – Now we must live for the moment

Brian Rigney, Zmags' CEO reveals three ways for retailers can deliver instant digital gratification.

Suzanna Chaplin

Airing your dirty laundry in public: How clean is your email list?

Is your data as clean as you think it is? Suzanna Chaplin, Email Switchboard's Commercial Director explains how to get the most from email campaigns.

Mike Bayler

Machines of Loving Grace (part two)

In the 2nd of a 3 part series, Transformation Strategist & Author Mike Bayler examines how IoT is bringing brands and consumers back to the physical world.

Catherine Hallam

Making data work smarter, not harder

Be selective over the data you use in campaigns and use it strategically, says Catherine Hallam, Videology's Director of Data Strategy & Analytics.

Stephen Taylor

How to harness your smart data

Combine smart data with third party data to reveal travel purchase intent, says Stephen Taylor, Sojern's MD - International.

Mike Owen

Unlock your creative resources first to power customer experience management

censhare Marketing Manager Mike Owen looks at the limitations of Digital Asset Management systems and the innovations that could make creative process run more efficiently.

Phil Guest

May Day, May Day – does your brand have a robust activation plan this bank holiday weekend?

Phil Guest, The Exchange Lab's VP International demonstrates how a robust data and programmatic strategy can help the travel industry to drive sales during Bank Holiday season.

John Murphy

Traffic quality: Whose problem is it anyway?

John Murphy, OpenX's VP Marketplace Quality charts the battle between increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and the reputable side of the digital advertising industry.