Caspar Schlickum

Programmatic - What it is, what it isn’t and why it’s not replacing humans any time soon

VIDEO: Xaxis CEO-EMEA Caspar Schlickum debunks programmatic myths and explains why both man and machine are essential to its future ahead of speaking at this week's ad:tech London event.

Carlos Oleaga

The constant evolution of email marketing: be quick or be dead

Rumours of the demise of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated but the rules to success are changing quickly, says Arlos Oleaga, Arkeero's International Director.

Kate Boyce

2015: The year of the analytical marketer

Marketers looking to secure a bigger budget for the year ahead should put analytics at the forefront of their strategy, says Lead Forensics' Kate Boyce.

Bryan Scott

Putting online pictures in the frame

Science explains why revenues from in-image advertising are set to soar, says Bryan Scott, Znaptag's Marketing Director.

Dan Brain

Digital Disruption: bigger than the Industrial Revolution?

Investor and Futurologist Leonard Brody says we need to adapt to the unprecedently disruptive Digital Revolution with a "radical re-write of the world". Dan Brain meets the controversial investor, futurologist and adtech London closing keynote.

Dan Brain

9 not to be missed ad:tech London highlights

Thousands of brands, agencies, media owners and tech firms will be planning their trip to ad:tech London on 21-22 Oct. Here’s nine content highlights to get you in the mood.

KF Lai

Mobile driving consumers into store and to the tills

Buzz City's Dr K F Lai says there are big wins to be had for brands who invest in mobile and take a creative approach to omnichannel marketing.

Dan Brain

A marriage made in Shoreditch: Why Unilever wants London’s tech talent

Unilever says the future of corporates depends on successful collaboration with start-ups and this is fantastic opportunity for fledgling tech companies, brands and the wider economy.

Jamie Riddell

Twitter’s M&A strategy: Ecosystem has nothing to fear from ad-tech spending spree

Google hasn't killed agencies and neither will Twitter's recent acquisitions of mobile advertising vendors, says Jamie Riddell, BirdSong's Founder.

Ken Valledy

When is a brand manager not a brand manager?

Former brand leader turned tech start-up investment broker Ken Valledy demystifies different roles in the marketing department.

Dan Brain

ad:tech London & Unilever launch sustainability hack

Unilever and ad:tech London hackathon will explore how data can be used to promote sustainability and up to £35k of funding is potentially available thanks to the FMCG's partnership with next month's event.

Irene Ramsay

Cool Britannia -10 fashion tech start-ups shaking silicon roundabout

Next week's London Fashion Week promises to be the most tech-savvy show yet - Strategy Eye Reporter Irene Ramsay spotlights the digital start-ups leading London's fashion-tech charge.

Ben Plomion

Retargeting overkill: how to better understand the users you’d like to reach

Ben Plomion, Chango's VP Marketing calls for a smarter approach to retargeting.

Emily Riley

It’s party time in the marketing cloud

Emily Riley, Ghostery's COO explains the risks of poor CMO-CIO collaboration in cloud-based marketing.

Sarah Gavin

Top tips for harnessing content marketing in PR

A good video is worth a thousand words when it comes to content marketing in PR, says Sarah Gavin, Outbrain's Head of Marketing.

Miko Levi

8 priceless content marketing tips and strategies

Content amplification is equally as important as content creation, says Outbrain's Miko Levi.