Scott Meyer

Fight ad fraud with real-time transparency

Scott Meyer, Ghostery's CEO explains how a concerted transparency drive will give advertisers greater confidence in programmatic and kick-start growth in the year ahead.

Lindsay McEwan

Make sure your marketing cloud has a silver lining

Building a bespoke marketing cloud rather than choosing an off-the-shelf solution is worth the cost and effort, argues Lindsay McEwan, Tealium's General Manager for EMEA.

Philip Rooke

Clicks-and-mortar - How ecommerce is shaping the retail environment

Philip Rooke, Spreadshirt's CEO examines the trend of online retailers opening physical stores and the importance of an integrated omnichannel approach.

Dan Brain

Interview: Darline Jean, COO, PulsePoint

The UK programmatic market is in prime position to grow and can learn from the experience of the US, says Darline Jean, PulsePoint's COO.

Dan Brain

VIDEO: “Time for a new wave of brand Darwinism,” says Coca-Cola's VP Marketing

The age of marketing medicority is over, argues Javier Sanchez-Lamelas, Coca-Cola Europe's VP Marketing.

Dan Brain

Interview: Emily Forbes, Founder, seenit

Emily Forbes, winner of The Next Big Thing and Founder of hot London start-up Seenit discusses the user generated video content opportunity for brands with iMediaConnection.

Dan Brain

Sorrell video: “Watch out for the Chinese”

Sir Martin Sorrell's ad:tech London keynote urged the industry to address emerging players and trends from China - watch the full video here.

Niall Coen

Six ways to optimise the global football audience

Build your tactics around mobile if you want to score when it comes to live football social engagement, says Niall Coen, Snack Media's MD.

Jonathan Milne

Reach device-hopping consumers with HTML5 advertising

HTML 5 technology could make a device-specific approach to advertising a thing of the past, says Jonathan Milne, Celtra's General Manager for EMEA.

Caspar Schlickum

Programmatic - What it is, what it isn’t and why it’s not replacing humans any time soon

VIDEO: Xaxis CEO-EMEA Caspar Schlickum debunks programmatic myths and explains why both man and machine are essential to its future ahead of speaking at this week's ad:tech London event.

Carlos Oleaga

The constant evolution of email marketing: be quick or be dead

Rumours of the demise of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated but the rules to success are changing quickly, says Arlos Oleaga, Arkeero's International Director.

Kate Boyce

2015: The year of the analytical marketer

Marketers looking to secure a bigger budget for the year ahead should put analytics at the forefront of their strategy, says Lead Forensics' Kate Boyce.

Bryan Scott

Putting online pictures in the frame

Science explains why revenues from in-image advertising are set to soar, says Bryan Scott, Znaptag's Marketing Director.

Dan Brain

Digital Disruption: bigger than the Industrial Revolution?

Investor and Futurologist Leonard Brody says we need to adapt to the unprecedently disruptive Digital Revolution with a "radical re-write of the world". Dan Brain meets the controversial investor, futurologist and adtech London closing keynote.

Dan Brain

9 not to be missed ad:tech London highlights

Thousands of brands, agencies, media owners and tech firms will be planning their trip to ad:tech London on 21-22 Oct. Here’s nine content highlights to get you in the mood.

KF Lai

Mobile driving consumers into store and to the tills

Buzz City's Dr K F Lai says there are big wins to be had for brands who invest in mobile and take a creative approach to omnichannel marketing.