Matt Nash

Meta-DSP: This year’s 'hottest term' explained

Matt Nash, VP Sales Europe at The Exchange Lab defines one of the industry’s top acronyms and explains the meaning behind it.

Francesco Federico

Acer digital marketing boss: "Data is the essence of our strategy"

Francesco Federico, Acer's Global Digital Marketing Director, explains why the tech player is investing in real time data-fuelled marketing and inspiration drawn from legendary playwright and author Samuel Beckett...

Damian Scragg

Could rogue technologies be hiding in the background of your site?

Keep your site safe with a robust process to manage online tracking technologies, says Damian Scragg, Ghostery's MD - EMEA.

Ben Walmsey

New formats to reduce ad blocking risk

Video spend will increase rapidly this year but the industry must address ad blocking or risk an existential crisis, warns Ben Walmsey, Sizmek's Regional VP, Northern Europe.

Lolly Mason

The year we say goodbye to bad ads?

'Adblockalypse' can be avoided with a concerted effort to tackle poor advertising, says Lolly Mason, Celtra's Head of Media Partnerships - EMEA.

Ben Cooper

The buy button evolution: Staying ahead in 2016

Mobile and social commerce innovation will set the agenda and drive revenue in 2016, claims Ben Cooper, HookLogic's Managing Director - Europe.

Lisa Menaldo

Programmatic video ads will grow exponentially

Look out for video programmatic going mainstream and the continued blurring of advertising and editorial content, says Lisa Menaldo, Sublime Skinz's MD for UK.

Dave Reed

Is physical set to become the new digital?

Smart cookie-free cross-channel marketing and a more robust approach to measuring engagement will define the market in 2016, argues Dave Reed, MediaMath's Managing Director - EMEA.

Richard Wright

What’s in store for data-driven marketing in 2016?

Could 'atmospheric marketing' be the next big data-driven thing in 2016? Tealium's Richard Wright explains.

Ed Fanning

What’s coming to programmatic advertising in 2016?

Expect Facebook and Google to make more aggressive programmatic plays in 2016, says Ed Fanning, Xaxis' Director, Product & Technology.

Paul Lyonette

Is there a right time to deliver your video ad?

Use video specific metrics to inform when to schedule video ads, says Paul Lyonette, YuMe's UK Country Manager.

Dan  Brain

iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit – apply to attend now

The first speakers for the iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit have been announced and you now apply for a pass to the exclusive London gathering.

Natalie Mazer

If data is the new oil...

Combine technology with a robust data strategy to get the most valuable insight, says Natalie Mazer, Audience Science's VP Strategy and Audience Development.

Julia Smith

The inconvenient truth of digital ad fraud: Major advertising threat – and it's being buried

Forensiq's Julia Smith calls for collective industry action on widespread digital advertising fraud.

Lydia Esler

Shoppable video: the future of online retail?

Shoppable video is driving campaign engagement, efficiency and effectiveness - Lydia Esler, Producer & Director at The Gate explains.

David Shiell

Subscription models set to play a key role in the future of marketing

Subscription models could enable marketers to drive long-term consumer value in previously inconceivable product categories, says David Shiell, House of Kaizen's CEO.