Irfon Watkins

Is there room for independence in video ad tech?

Are concerns over a lack of independence in the video ad tech space justified, or is consolidation a positive evolutionary step? Find out here.

Brian Shin

Celebrities in branded video campaigns are taking over

The month of August was dominated by celeb-filled videos that brought in big numbers. Take a look at which brands used this familiar strategy.

Irfon Watkins

Break through YouTube's glass ceiling

It's a new world of content distribution, which brings with it some colossal opportunities for advertisers. Find out why the industry needs to focus on properties beyond YouTube.

Brian Shin

The branded video strategies that never fail

Last month's top brands in video leveraged tried-and-true approaches to gaining viewership. See which strategies you can apply to your own campaigns.

Seraj Bharwani

Online video in Canada: The top 25 brands

Canadian brands are making waves in the online video space, which has to date been dominated by U.S.-based players. Find out which brands have contributed most to the three-fold growth in Canadian viewership since last year.

Ashley Eckel

Transforming video ads into branded entertainment

We all know video is huge, but the new trend of interaction has become a necessity. Find out how you can use the content you have to create a positive user experience.

Tim McMullen

How to use video to drive organic growth

Watch out, marketing world -- video is taking over. From Facebook to YouTube, learn how to create video content that's more than just advertising.

Brian Shin

Maybelline, Gillette take vastly different approaches to building confidence

Among the recent top brands in online video, these two personal care giants epitomize the gender gap when it comes to selling health and beauty to women versus men.

Brian Shin

Branded video: Bottomless budgets vs. low-cost campaigns

Last month, brands scored big with both star-studded, expansive video campaigns and low-budget, evergreen content. See which brands are creating videos that continue to get watched long after their release.

Drew Hubbard

6 months in review: 2015's best video campaigns so far

With the first half of the year coming to a close, let's take a look back at this year's video campaigns that have made a real impact for brands.

Brian Shin

3 new brand videos that are resonating globally

The latest viral hits are the ones that ring true around the world. See which brands are leveraging video best for universal appeal.

Irfon Watkins

Why short-form video should be your next marketing focus

There is no shortage of content out there, but consumers are actively seeking videos. Here are the benefits and challenges of short-form video marketing.

Mallory Russell

How a non-profit beat Budweiser at branded video

Non-profits seldom have the budgets to compete with for-profit brands when it comes to video production or distribution, but they do have a distinct advantage too. Want to know what it is?

Zach Watson

Is video the future of email marketing?

With the emergence of new technology, integrating video into emails has new possibilities. Here's what you need to know.

Mallory Russell

3 brands that wisely rejected the Super Bowl

A brand doesn't need the Super Bowl to drive big viewership -- all it needs is compelling creative. Here are the ones that got the memo.

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan

3 major myths about cross-device marketing

Conventional belief dictates that login-based environments, often referred to as "walled gardens," are the only way to seamlessly and accurately reach consumers across devices. This is not true. It's time to bust some major myths and explore the massive success of technologically-driven identity approaches.