Mallory Russell

How small brands can beat the big boys at online video

Wren made a name for itself with a single video last month. Here's how other small brands can follow suit.

Mallory Russell

The secret to driving success with a sequel campaign

It's not unusual for brands to try to capitalize on the success of previous campaigns, but it is difficult to do well. So what makes for a successful sequel?

Todd Henderson

Why shorter is sweeter for video

Short videos on Vine and Instagram have taken off in a huge way. Keep these things in mind when adjusting your content strategy.

Teresa Caro

How to convert YouTube viewers into subscribers

Getting viewers to watch your YouTube content is a challenge, but getting them to subscribe to your channel is a whole different beast. Here are some tips to help you grow your base.

Zachary Weiner

10 predictions for the future of TV

Recent changes in consumer behavior and technology have major implications for TV's future. Here's how marketers can succeed in the landscape of tomorrow.

Lewis Ball

3 keys to success on YouTube

YouTube has become a powerful medium for content creators. Here are some tips to make it work for your brand.

Yale Wang

How to grow your YouTube subscriber base

When it comes to YouTube, there are numerous metrics to track, but there's only one you need to optimize. Here's why your main focus should be on your subscribers.

Mallory Russell

How Budweiser suddenly figured out online video

Budweiser has always been a strong Super Bowl advertiser, but it hasn't historically dominated online video. Here's why that appears to be changing in 2014.

Mitchell Reichgut

Why any brand can create a viral video

Viral hits are often high-budget, but now the marketplace is creating options for brands of all kinds. Here's how advertisers are taking advantage.

Dimple Thakkar

3 ways you're still screwing up social

Are you disappointed with your social presence? Here are the things you're still doing wrong.

Ash Nashed

Easy-to-steal ideas from The New York Times redesign

Costly redesigns aren't always necessary to bring more attention to native advertising. Here's what you can learn from The New York Times.

Mallory Russell

3 reasons Turkish Airlines' "Selfie Shootout" was so darn popular

At the hottest time of year for branded video, one brand blew all the others out of the water. Let's see what made this particular campaign so special.

Shahrzad Rafati

The future of multi-channel networks

The role of MCNs in the market is growing rapidly. And in many ways, we've only scratched the surface.

Mallory Russell

How Volvo Trucks outshined retailers during the holiday season

Despite a plethora of great holiday campaigns from retailers and non-profits, the top campaign this past month was another brand stunt. Here's why people can't resist these videos.

Mallory Russell

Top 10 most-watched video campaigns of 2013

This year, the best campaigns in online video were focused on perfecting the brand story. Let's take a look at the ones that viewers chose to watch the most.

Michael Estrin

10 epic marketing fails of 2013

The marketers behind these ads still have their palms to their faces. Here are the brands that catastrophically failed this year.