Brian Shin

Video content partnerships are making waves

The end of 2015 brought with it year-in-review campaigns, holiday-themed ads, and other viral hits. See which brands topped the chart.

Tomer Afek

4 basic principles of creative video content

Your marketing strategy is lost without video. Effectively incorporate this growing medium when you heed the following advice.

Brian Shin

Branded video campaigns for the holiday season

The penultimate month of the year brings with it Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed video content. These are the brands that topped the November chart.

Ashley Eckel

6 ways video will connect consumers and brands in 2016

In the new year, video will become a real driver of ROI. Here are a few predictions as to how things will evolve.

Chloe Della Costa

Top 10 most-watched video campaigns of 2015

Successful brands know how powerful video can be in the overall marketing mix. Here's a look at this year's most-viewed campaigns.

Brian Shin

The event-focused video takeover

While many brands saw success with Halloween-themed spots in October, other events were popular as well. See the new players who rocked last month with innovative campaigns.

Mark Yesayian

How to create online video ads that work

Not all online video ads are reaching consumers correctly. Here are some guidelines to consider when developing creative.

Brian Shin

The rise of athletes in branded video

September's top video ad campaigns featured star athletes and smartphone wars in powerful storytelling formats. See who made it onto the chart.

Vitaly Shter

Why people respond to video more than text

The rise of YouTube and the decline of traditional publishing proves one thing above all: Humans are drawn to visual marketing. Take a look at a few reasons why.

Irfon Watkins

Is there room for independence in video ad tech?

Are concerns over a lack of independence in the video ad tech space justified, or is consolidation a positive evolutionary step? Find out here.

Brian Shin

Celebrities in branded video campaigns are taking over

The month of August was dominated by celeb-filled videos that brought in big numbers. Take a look at which brands used this familiar strategy.

Irfon Watkins

Break through YouTube's glass ceiling

It's a new world of content distribution, which brings with it some colossal opportunities for advertisers. Find out why the industry needs to focus on properties beyond YouTube.

Brian Shin

The branded video strategies that never fail

Last month's top brands in video leveraged tried-and-true approaches to gaining viewership. See which strategies you can apply to your own campaigns.

Seraj Bharwani

Online video in Canada: The top 25 brands

Canadian brands are making waves in the online video space, which has to date been dominated by U.S.-based players. Find out which brands have contributed most to the three-fold growth in Canadian viewership since last year.

Ashley Eckel

Transforming video ads into branded entertainment

We all know video is huge, but the new trend of interaction has become a necessity. Find out how you can use the content you have to create a positive user experience.

Tim McMullen

How to use video to drive organic growth

Watch out, marketing world -- video is taking over. From Facebook to YouTube, learn how to create video content that's more than just advertising.