Dimitri Onistsuk

How to boost site traffic with social media

Social media has helped businesses of all sizes expand their audiences. Here's how social nets can help boost the number of visitors you draw.

Jim Meskauskas

The problem with "going viral"

Advertisers looking to make the most of their marketing dollars often seek campaigns that will "go viral." Let's examine what that word really means and why it isn't a strategy.

Paul Magnani

Case study: Doubling sales through social media

Need to drive product buzz -- and fast? See how one small brand leveraged the full social media spectrum to drive huge awareness and sales increases.

Joanna Janus

Help your brand story get in character

Using a fictional brand persona can help create a deeper connection between you and your audience. Use these tips and considerations to share your brand's themes more organically.

Dan Neely

Top iMedia Agency Summit buzz topics

Attendees of last week's iMedia Agency Summit in Arizona came together to discuss the latest trends influencing how they do business. Here are the hottest online discussion topics that emerged.

Dan Neely

Top 7 ad:tech buzz topics

Attendees of last week's ad:tech New York had a lot to say about the insights they gleaned at the event. Here are the hottest online discussion topics that emerged.

Michael Estrin

When "funny" goes right (and wrong) for a brand

Humor can be an advertiser's best weapon, but when a joke goes bad, it can often ruin a campaign. Here's why it pays to make sure users laugh with, not at, your brand.

Larry Weintraub

Case studies: The value of online fandom

The tools may be better, but the basic principles of social media remain the same. Hear about some updated techniques for listening, responding, empowering, and rewarding loyal supporters of your brand.

Tucker Aaron

3 steps to viralizing your content

If you think your branded content deserves the limelight, find out how to give it the best possible chance to shine.

Michael Estrin

Key tools for tracking online trends

Staying ahead of the curve isn't easy. But for marketers, the ability to spot trends is more important than ever. Find out what tools and tactics your peers use to stay current.

Sean P. Egen

Reach consumers who friend before they spend

Educated, skeptical, and empowered like never before, online shoppers are making advertisers rethink traditional strategies. Are you speaking their language?

Kathy Sharpe

3 brands using consumer benefit the right way

In hard times, "hope" as a consumer benefit can be a powerful marketing tool, transcending customer relationships and making a powerful brand impression at just the right time in our economic history.

Brandon Eshman

What bandwidth caps mean for marketers

Connecting with brand advocates will become even more important in light of new online bandwidth caps. This Nielsen analyst explains.

Sean P. Egen

4 community leaders in the online space

It doesn't get more targeted than marketing to communities that want to discuss your brand. Take a look at the companies that are making those conversations happen.

Lori Luechtefeld

Tobaccowala on how marketers waste their money

Denuo's CEO discusses the silly things some marketers buy into and why chief marketing officer may not be an appropriate title in the future.

Ryan Flynn

How to use your hiring process to boost your brand

An individual's impression formed while applying for a job can be both powerful and lasting. By capitalizing on this process, your brand can earn strong advocates.